Friday, June 4, 2010

Palace of the Vampire Queen Review

Here are the comments I posted on the Palace of the Vampire Queen on the Dragons foot forum:

Well, I bought Palace of the Vampire Queen mail order back in the day and thought it was pretty ho-hum then. Seriously guys for something to play you could do better in an afternoon with a piece of graph paper and the dungeon random monster tables in the little brown book (although the illustrations in the margins are kind of cool). I think the Dungeon which came with the City State of the Invicible overloard was more interesting (although it is not populated). I keep mine just to prove my Grognard credentials and because I hate trying to sell stuff. If you would like to see it republshed you need to track down the copyright owners. The authors are listed as Pete & Judy Kerestan. Since Wee Warriors published last the copyright would probably reside with either Wee Warriors, or whatever printer they owed money to if they folded.

Note: Further, Further investigation reveals that the copyright was never held by Lou Zocchi [I asked him at Origins, he said no] (A man I hold in high regard for replacing my misprinted volume of Swords and Glory Volume 1 on the spot 10 years after I bought the first one, merely on my verbal description of the misprint)


  1. The owners provided permission to Doug Rhea, organizer for the North TX RGP Con, to reprint PotVQ. He had copies for sale at the show this past weekend!


  2. You here that Fandomaniac? Go get your PoVQ on! Any further contact information for Doug Rhea, Grodog? Fandomaniac needs to know.

  3. Thanks! I'm glad to hear a "raise dead" spell has been cast on this historical and significant module. Someone also posted a notice about the NTRPG Con printings on the PotVQ Facebook group:


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