Monday, January 23, 2012

Skyrimic Sandbox Roll-up Chart

Yes Alduin is dead! Now I can spend a little time on my long neglected blog. Thumbing through my Skyrim clue book (I learned long ago that good clue book can turn a game from a frustrating few hours to several months enjoyment) I encountered a little table with seemed to cry roll-up chart so here it is (roll d20 whenever your sandbox generator calls for habitation):

1. Hunter Camp
2. Lumber Mill
3. Military Fort
4. Military Camp
5. Mine
6. Orc Stronghold
7. Town
8. Animal Den
9. Bandit Camp
10.Dragon Lair
11.Dragon Priest Lair
12.Draugr Crypt
13.Dwarven City
14.Falmer hive
15.Forsworn Redoubt
16.Giant Cam
17.Hargraven Nest
18.Spriggan Grove
19.Vampire Lair
20.Warlock lair

Be warned this chart is very old school in two respects. One, the putzy Hunter Camp is the same chance as the high level Dragon Priests Lair. Two, the exact details of what each encounter means are left to the DM (I may to flesh out the encounters a bit more later). Well that's it for now, I am back to the conundrum of how to rise to the top of the assassin's guild without slaughtering a lot of innocent people.

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