Friday, March 1, 2013

Kyle Stanley Hunter where are you now?

In cleaning up my living room the other day, I ran across my copy of Downer Volume 1 Wandering Monsters.

Downer remains one of my favorite comics, and his Harrow deck I have used a game prop many times (It is one of the best uses the DnD ninefold alignment system has been put to).  However, I got to wondering what else the author Kyle Stanley Hunter has been up to. A google search on Kyle Hunter returned far too many hits (including some sports stars of little interst to me). Never-the-less adding the middle name narrowed things down. Wikapedia lists him as Pazios art director, but appears to be from 2008. Boardgame geek gives his livejournal website, but the last post is from 2008 also, says he hard at work on Downer volume 2, but the Pazio site does not sell such a thing. A search of deviant art turned up nothing but a Downer Tatoo pattern. A linkedIn post comes closest to revealing his current activaties as Art director of Wunderman a Seatlle based Martking/Advertising firm as well as Illustrator/Designer at Kyle Stanley Hunter Freelance (read self [perhaps un]employed). I do not wish him ill, but am saddend to see him move away from the creative cartoons of his early years becoming just a working Joe like the rest of us and wonder what unfortune event led him and Pazio to part paths. Well, at least he's not driving a cab in Carbondale...

This just in I have found a lead on Downer Volume 2 Google books lists it as being availible from Diamond publishing

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  1. Kyle was recently promoted to a Creative Director position at Wunderman. Dunno how much gaming art he's doing, but he did a wicked-cool portrait of one of my characters a couple of years ago. Good guy!


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