Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obscure RPG Day Adventure Revenge of Pleasant Corners

An Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Tournament, we published as the summer "zine" when I was President of the Brass Dragon Society back in 1982. Run at Dragon Flight 1 (Contest winner for the write a tournament for Dragon Flight contest). We mailed a copy to each of the 30 odd Brass Dragon club members, may have sold a few more at Dragon Flight itself, the balance of the print run (at least 100) went to the the authors basement. Here's the hook reproduced in all its dot-matrix glory. Whole module was printed on my Apple II+ thermal printer, luckily once you xerox the thermal paper the xerox doesn't fade with age (I would like to forget about hand corrections done in black sharpie, other than to mention it's "Pleasant" not "Pleasent") 
A very well crafted basic orc pit for NINE players. Run on a four hour time limit, scored on how many rooms you got through, and what you did while getting there. Usually done by gathering the judges together having each one describe his parties performance, then ranking them by consensus. Many groups did not make it past the entrance ambush. The map by she_who_must_be_obeyed is reproduced below.

I'd reprint this adventure, but the way the Brass Dragon Society did thing the copyright reverts to the author. Maybe Dave Butler still has a few copies in his basement on Capital hill, if he's still in the Seattle area.


  1. i would like to have a copy of this..

  2. Not sure it's possible to provide a copy, since I only have my personal copy left, and have lost touch with the author


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