Monday, February 29, 2016

Welcome to Middle World

Found some files I scanned awhile ago. My attempt to map a role playing world from the top down. Done at the time when I first moved to Cleveland and most of my stuff was in storage,because She-who-must-be-obeyed and I were in an apartment waiting for our house deal to close. Didn't have the TV but we did have a yellow quarille pad , some fine point markers and a roll of "flimsy" (similar to tracing paper, the old school equvalent of layers in your draw program). These maps track one large continent with various layers from biomes to population.

Right Side Detail Map with Mountains and Rivers
Left Side Detail Map (unfinished)
Biome Map

Close-up Biome Map (Using Slightly diffent system)

Map of City Locations

Cultural Diffusion from Origin Centers

Population Density
 Although I had great fun generating this map, ultimately I did not actually use it to run a campaign.   I was not really taken with effect produced by the yellow background; I felt I had once again drawn too many mountains, and although the yellow-out helped with rivers it was not going to work on all the mountains. It also seemed that given the ancients preference for water travel that a realistic campaign would require detailing the nearby southern continent as well. However, we also found a new RPG group in Cleveland who already had a DM so I spend next couple of years playing rather than DMing. When next time my chance to DM rolled around I started on the micro-scale and worked my way up. You can read about that in my Great River posts.

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