Saturday, April 2, 2016

Darkest Hack part 3

Four more classes! I am not completely happy with the Jester, he seems to have several attacks that are about the same. The hound master of course raises the question of can the hound and the master work independently.  My tentative is yes since the hound masters attack is fairly wimpy. However the hound will be limited to just basic attacks without an action to command it from its master. The newest classes Antiquarian and Abomination next time.

Dark Stab: Melee

Harvest: Melee two targets normal damage, save versus Con or bleed 1d4 per round

Finale: Melee high crit 1d8 extra damage (must start next to single opponent, must disengage), attackers have advantage next round

Solo: Close blast 3 save versus Cha or disadvantaged

Slice: Melee high crit normal damage save versus Con or bleed 1d4 per round

Battle Ballad  Close Burst 2 +3 initiative gives attackers disadvantage on next attack (must not be in combat).

Inspiring tune: Heals stress next stress event halved

Grave Robber
Pick to the face: melee

Lunge: Move 2 melee attack high crit(must not be next to opponent)

Flashing daggers: Ranged attack hits two targets

Thrown dagger: Ranged attack high crit

Poison Dart: Save versus dex or blighted

Toxin Trickery: Cure blight, opponent disadvantaged on next attack

Hound Master
Hounds rush: hound move followed by melee attach save versus con or bleed 1d4 extra 1d6 versus beasts extra 1d6 for marked targets

Hounds harry: melee close burst 1 -2 damage but save versus con or bleed 1d4

Target Whistle: Ranged attack no damage marks target

Cry havoc: heals stress

Guard dog: target ally hound moves to block next attack takes attack instead of ally

Blackjack: -2 damage but con save or stunned

Plague Doctor
Noxious Blast: Close blast 3 save versus con or blight

Plague grenade: Ranged burst 1 save versus con or blight

Blinding gas: Ranged burst 1 save versus dex or blinded

Incision: Melee attack

Battle Field Medicine: heals 1d4 cures bleed and blight

Emboldening Vapors: +2 initiative, advantage on next attack

Disorienting Blast: Close blast save versus con or stunned

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