Sunday, January 23, 2011

Henrich's Barony and the World

Some more stuff from the first Campaign She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed played in so long ago. First is the wilderness map surrounding Henrich's castle. Henrich's  castle is the crown near the eastern edge. Numbers are villages and mines. One of the numbers is Montgomery the Mage's tower (I'll have to ask She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed which one some time. You''ll see more about Mongomery's Tower in a future post).

Next is the Map of the entire Continent stitched together from several maps of different scales. She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed informs me that since she had to draw the maps by borrowing Jerry's Ref maps while they were playing the area they played the most (the NW quadrant) has the least detail. Luckiy she had some detail maps of the area near Henrich's castle. She also points out that the islands NW of Henrich's castle weren't there originally. However, when one of the players complained that there were no islands left for him to put a castle on, Jerry the DM said "I can fix that that!" pulled out his pens and then there were islands NW of Henrich's castle. **Note: Revised Map posted 2/1/2011***


  1. The upper portion of that plain seems to have borders that are too straight to be natural to me. Might want to muck it up a bit.

    1. Natural? You think my old school DM cared about realistic? Who are we trying to kid here? - She who must be obeyed/aka Cathy

  2. Thanks for your comment Greg. I think what you are referring to as plain is just the boundary of the NW quadrant map. Unfortunately, since the main NW quadrant map was unfinished, it was never colored in. Although the mountain range marked in purple on the two inset maps continues to the south it is only apparent as a thin black line marking the demarcation between the plain and mountains. Since this post is a reporting of what has been, rather a work in progress, I'll probably not spend much time working on the drawing. If I do I'll try to make the color code consistent.

  3. By the way the purple on the map is mountains, the green is forest and the white is plains. There are some swamp and hills too but I forget the colors used for those.


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