Monday, January 24, 2011

Hungarian RPG now in English!

Good news! Gabor has published a rules light translation of his Hungarian role playing game Kard és Mágia which I blogged about here. Now I can take that long standing backburner project off the stove entirely. You can get Gabor's translation from here. I am sure Gabor did a much better job than I could, after all he actually speaks Hungarian ;)


  1. It is usually against my policy to post comments in languages other than English. After all I do not want a blog that says "Buy male enhancement products" in Chinese. However, since this is a post about translation, I have decided to make an exception. Acording to Google translate "Korva jo!" is Finnish for replaced already. Hopefully this a comment on the lack of need for my continued translation effort, and not some Fin telling me I have a broken link on my web site.

  2. I checked the links they're O.K.

  3. Cool! Is this the same Gabor who goes by Melan on various forums? Where can I find out more about this game?

    BTW My guess would be that "Korva jo!" is hungarian for "Hell Yeah" :)


  4. To get more information I would recommend clicking on the second "here" in the main post. It is linked to Gabor's Formhalt blog He explains what it's about there. As to what other aliases he posts under, that's something I have no knowledge of.

    P.S. While you are there be sure check out the post on what happened to the Necromancer re-release of Tegal manor. He reveals the long sad tale of woe.

  5. Kurva jó = F.cking good (kurva = b.tch, jó = good, but we use "kurva" as a word of amusement)

  6. And know you now why translation is so difficult, and that google translate is not up on it's mispelled Hungarian slang. Word of amusement is not a term you hear every day in English, but I kinda like the concept.

  7. (Coming back to the post a week later)

    Sorry for the confusion Mr. Imredave, I couldn't remember the proper spelling of kurva jo, but I did remember that the other formation (jo kurva) was inappropriate.

    Kepp on rocking the Runes!


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