Saturday, August 18, 2012


Nice art work, nice artwork, not much else. The new Menzoberranzan book was very disappointing to me. As one of the few 4e releases I had  hopes. Splat books used to come with new monsters, new magic items, and least a feat or two, this does even have a theme. I skimmed the whole thing and didn't even spot a stat block. This book has: pages and pages of Drow households detailing the usual Drow depravities; Little thumbnail capsules of the districts without any adventure hooks; a Michelin guide to the shops and taverns of Menzoberranzan in case you are playing "silver and shopping"; a thumbnail guide to the underdark (this is almost interesting, but again no adventure hooks); and how to play a Drow (as you if wanted to play a boot licking, snivelling, conniving bastard, under the thumb of the murderous bitches of Loth and didn't know how [they've even got a card deck, sold separately of course, in case your not chaotic and treacherous enough on you own]).The old Menzoberranzan boxed set was reasonably good, if you want to know about Menzoberranzan get that one, or just read the Drizzt Do'Urden novels.



P.S. Note to WoTC: If you want to sell stuff from your website don't bury the new releases four clicks down. Putting a link to the Menzoberranzan book on your Rise of the Underdark "Everything Drow" page might be smart also.

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