Friday, August 31, 2012

Rulenomicon "Get-er-done" edition A-D

O.K. so I got the titles  into the spreadsheet and added the links in adjacent columns. Unfortunately I am not blogger savvy enough to figure out how to cut-and-paste a formatted html table into blogger, Therefore I am hand linking all the downloads, blogs and, websites. To avoid boredom and carpal tunnel syndrome I'll be doing it a little bit at a time over the long weekend. Let me know what think of it so far...

P.S. I'd like the forums, blogs and websites to be buttons instead of text, but I don't know how to do that either :(

52 page Rulebook   Blog


A Song of Ice and Fire  Forum
Adventurer, Conqueror, King   Forum Blog
Adventures Dark and Deep  Forum Blog
Adventures Fantastiques
Adventures in the New Kingdoms Blog
Adventures Under the Laughing Moon  Blog
Adventuring Party
Age of Shadows  Forum  Blog
Altus Adventum 
Arduin (revised) Forum
Ars Magika  Blog
Artesia Blog
Azamar Blog


Bandits and Basilisks  Blog
Barbarians of Leumria  Forum
Barbarians of the Aftermath  Blog
Basic Fantasy Forum  
Brickmasters  Blog
Burning Wheel Blog


Chaos and Barberie
Creatures and Caverns Blog
Crimson Blades of Ara Blog
Crypts and Things  Blog


Dark Dungeons Forum  Blog
Dark Fantasy of Sundrah Blog
Dragon Warriors  Forum Blog
Dungeon Slayer Forum Blog

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