Monday, April 13, 2015

Spelljammer Post Mortem

Alright back from the multiverse to blog some more. The Planescape game I blogged about in my last post has drawn to a close (only planned to run for the month of March to begin with) and has seemed quite successful. Due to pressing time constraints (never should have signed up for that on-line college course) preparation for the Planescape game consisted of a half hour of bookmarking monsters in the monster manual on the weekend and 15 minutes of picking out battle maps before the game started. Loot was rolled up randomly after each encounter. For the finale she-who-must-be obeyed helped out by spend several hours on the weekend gluing together custom battle maps from the Skeleton Key Dungeon Tiles I printed out.

Captain Sabido blasts off planet Farmville in a shiny metal spherical spell jammer known as the "Resonable Fear" with a crew of  six "space drow" and the two PCs crazy enough to ride with him (the bard and the druid). The players were less enthused with the "Reasonable Fear" once they figured out what the co-pilots chair which faced backwards had no control panel and wrist restraints really did.

Week 1
The Reasonable Fear docks at the nearest space bar the "Rock of Fred" a smallish asteroid with a giant neon sign that says "EATS" run by a blue hippo. Also parked at the asteriod a nineteenth century sailing ship with red sails stayed like bat wings, two manticores,  a bicycle with arcane symbols woven into the spokes, and a Mississippi Paddle wheeler made entirely of brass labeled named the "Pride of Hasauphut". Inside the bar are two githyanki, several dwarves with funny hats, a 19th century Marine with two flintlock pistols and a muzzle loader, a man claiming to be the angel of light, and a bicycle messenger. After some short negotiations the two crew who flew in with Captian Sabido, the Marine and the "angel" sign on with the "Pride of Hasauphut" as mercenaries to travel to the Moon of brass and help drive the "Darkness" from the ruined cities there and check out a wrecked spaceship along the way. The bicycle messenger rents a cabin to spell him between message jaunts. Captain Sabido is left in his inebriated state to fly the "Reasonable Fear" on his own (after making bold statements about how exited he was to be playing Spelljamer, the player who controlled the captain failed to show for the game). A sharp eyed PC notices the githyanki saddling up and following the paddle wheeler at a distance short after the "Pride of Hasauphut" pulls out. Two day out in deep space the githyanki are joined by two more. Four days out they encounter a zone of red mist, the dwarf captain orders everyone inside. Traveling through the red mist (the githyanki don't follow) they enter a clear area within the mist were floats half of a ruined space ship decorated like a Gothic cathedral but with a skull motif as well. Three decks are wide open for entrance, the party enters the top one, the dwarfs refuse to leave the ship but offer the party hazard pay. The party battles a swarm of shadows in the ships corridors, and reaches the bridge only to activate the automata which guard it. They salvage the bridge for electronics and realize the power is still on they try to descend through a ladder in an access way to the third level but discover the third level is shrouded in red mist. The bard, after watching the bottom his boot dissolve, wisely decided to climb back up. They return to a stairway they passed on the way to the bridge and descend to the second deck. They reach what appears to be the main galley only to encounter two red slaad. After a tough fight (somehow those fire spells didn't work as well as they were supposed to) they gather the loot and head back to the "Pride of Hasauphut" to rest up.

Week 2 next time

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