Saturday, September 22, 2012

300th Blog follow

OK so Google tells me I have reached 300 Blogs I am following. You would think this was a good  thing, but Google says NO MORE! 300 is a maximum. So some of you who haven't posted in  over 3 years will be dropped. Please do not take it personal, and be assured I'll still list you in the blognomicon (although maybe not at the top of the list).


  1. I think there used to be a way to double up on your blog following gadgets so you wouldn't be limited in the number of blogs you could follow. You'd just have to have blog following list 1, list 2, etc...

  2. When this happened to me, I just split the list into A-M and N-Z. Time and the natural wastage of blogs that have remained silent over a year is whittling both those lists down so there may come a time when I can recombine them.


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