Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dinky Dungeons Review

An obscure game from my collection. An antediluvian micro game from 1985. A sixteen 3.5"x2.5" page booklet it could be easily be printed one 8.5x11 sheet of paper by printing both sides. For something so small it packs a lot of sass. 2d6 resolution system, three character classes (warrior, wizard and bard) four character races human, dwarf, elf and my favorite fuzzy winker. Seven wizard spells and Seven bard spells, and 30! monsters in a 3 PAGE!! monster manual. Here's the cover 

Surprisingly enough this game has a fan site (here). They also include a tribute game called Dinky Dragon
They are claiming a value as a collectors item of hundreds of dollars. I think mine cost me $1. However, since mine has been hand tinted by my son when he was 3 its value might be slightly less (I have also mislaid the sample dungeon, which is too bad because it has a marvelous Fuzzy Winker Warrior illustration). I close with a description of the fuzzy winkers "1' tall rodents, -1 physical and mental, can't use magic, weapons, or armor and they are cowardly" Given their skill set  i.e. nothing I'd be cowardly too!

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