Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ghost Blogs

OK so as per my previous post I have reached limit of blogs I can follow with a single reader feed (Thanks to the comments of my kind readers I have several work arounds for this now). I have gone back and started unsubscribing blogs without frequent updates (good news, none of you made  the no posts in three years cut, although some of you are hovering at no posts in a year). In the process I did discover several blogs that had been blocked or deleted, which I have removed from my list. However, here's the "ghost" part, although when one went to the blog directly one got the message "this blog no longer exists" ( or some such equivalent message) google reader happily displayed a capsule of the last several posts of the blog and sometimes even thumbnails of their pictures. I am uncertain if anything useful can be done with this information, but though I should at least point it out. My hoarding nature always struggles with the ephemeral nature of the Internet, I have filled my hard drive with copies of blog posts I thought important, after watch  several of them being summarily deleted by the authors due some farrago of the Internet or slight (some real, some imagined). Perhaps the "ghost" blog phenomena can be used to recover some of what is lost (I have successfully used the Internet wayback machine as well, although lately much more of online content seems to be hidden from it). Reminds me a bit of  Sir Richard Burton's wife burning his memoirs in the recent biography I just checked out of the library, but that is a story for another day.

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