Thursday, September 20, 2012

Portal 23 Temptress

OK so my random web serving has uncovered an awesome miniature painting forum. How the these guys could be up and running  over two years, and me not notice them, is one of life's mysteries. How pursuing extra dungeon tiles should lead to such a site, another. That being said, they also produce an awesome webzine Portal which is down-loadable for free. Issue 23 cover caught my eye with a marvelous paint job of a diaphanous purple gown. You can download you own copy here
However, here's my beef: on the the inside cover they have nice blurb from the artist who explains that since this is a miniature of Cersi Lannister the shear painting is almost required (as she is Game of Thrones uber slut I have to agree) and how much he likes the figure, but does explain how he did the paint job NO!! Oh well, I so I flip to the index and see there is another article on painting techniques from the cover artist, and say to myself all is not lost. However, when I flip to the article and start to read, is it talking about how to  paint the awesome shear fabric? NO!! IT IS EXPLAINING HOW TO PAINT THE MARBLE PILLAR AND FLOOR. I have to rate the article EPIC FAIL for being a total tease.

P.S. When I bitched to she-who-must-obeyed about this, she told me I must write a blog post so here it is.
P.P.S Download the webzine and its companion issues anyways, it is still an awesome paint job, even if the artist chooses to keep his secrets from the World. 

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