Saturday, February 4, 2012

Skyrimic Sandbox Chart revised

Hopefully some of you noticed the roll-up chart I posted a few days ago (unfortunately I double posted on that day got lots more hits on the second one). Alright, so the last iteration was a little too flat for my tastes (too many chances for the first level adventurers to be eaten by dragons). So here is a new one sorted by distance from civilized area. Decide which zone you are in and roll a d6 to determine the settlement.


1. Lumber Mill

2. Military Fort

3. Town

4. Mine

5. Bandit Camp

6. Roll on Borderlands


1. Hunter Camp

2. Military Camp

3. Orc Stronghold

4. Forsworn Redoubt

5. Animal Den

6. Roll on Wilderness


1. Giant Camp

2. Spriggan Grove

3. Draugr Crypt

4. Dwarven City

5. Falmer hive

6. Roll on Places of Mystery

Places of Mystery

1. Hargraven Nest

2. Dragon Lair

3. Dragon Priest Lair

4. Vampire Lair

5. Warlock lair

6. Dungeon Masters choice

Design notes: The bandit camp and animal den could be easily swapped, same for the falmer hive and hargraven nest. There is not necessarily a clear demarcation between wilderness and places of mystery, but I tried to put the tougher encounters on the places of mystery chart

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