Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blog Rolls and OSR

O.K. what started me down this path was post on Tenkars Tavern pointing to his friend +Charles Akins list of list of Blogs at Dyvers and claiming it as most complete. Dyvers has a pretty good list and the fact that it has a paragraph review of each certainly makes very useful. Shear numbers is not always the best metric and its Tenkar not Akins who is making the claim of completeness, but the numbers are worth looking at. At 170 blogs it's pretty large, certainly more than the 119 I tracked for Swords and Wizardry Day, or the number of blogs I track on my rulenomicon page. However this far less than the 245 blogs tracked for growth by Cyclopean in 2011,  or the 289 Blog snapshot I took of my blogroll last year and certainly less than the 320 Roleplaying blogs I am tracking on Feedly (which includes wordpress and other blogs not well tracked by blogger, and is not capped at the 280 something maximum of the blogger blogroll).  The RPG Roleplaying Alliance clocks in at 594 members. One could try to claim that the Dyvers is exclusive to the Old School Renaissance, but he includes  GURPS and 4e sites, so this clearly not the case. Personally I have always struggled with the OSR label, it is an arbitrary designation, but has caused me to think twice about posting on the 4e Dungeons and Dragons I am actually playing these days, for fear of losing OSR cred. I have apparently diluted it enough not to make Dyvers list (Hey! he could pick up one more by linking to me). **Update Akins indicates here that he will trying to add another 50 blogs soon so perhaps I will be in the second round***

P.S. Akins effort has inspired me to actually finish my long neglected Blognomicon page, look for it on the header tabs (although I have not got around to adding commentary, sometimes just reading the names gets my imagination going).
P.P.S Warning, the Blognomicon is based on my year old snapshot. Although the links were live at the time, some may have gone dark, or worse turned into Zombie blogs selling used cars and washing machines
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