Sunday, May 15, 2016

Darkest Hack part 4

The final two classes for my Old School Hack version of Darkest Dungeon (unless they have sneaked another one in during the last month or two)

Nervous Stab: Melee attack but based on dex

Festering Vapors: Ranged burst 1 save versus con or blight

Flash powder: Ranged attack target must dex save or be blinded for the next round

Get Down: gives disadvantage to the next attack

Fortifying Vapors: Heal 1d4

Invigorating Vapors: +3 AC for next attack

Protect me: forces opponent to target adjacent ally. Ally has advantage against the attack.

Transform: Change to beast mode (like druids in D&D)

Manacles: Reach 3 melee 1d4 damage, but con save or stunned

Beast Bile: Ranged attack Con save or Poisoned

Absolution: Heal self 1d4

Rake: Beast Mode only melee attack two targets damage 1d6 per hit

Rage: Beast Mode only Melee attack 1d12 critical hit on 19-20

Slam: Beast Mode only Opponent makes Strength check. If failed target is knocked back and you enter the square he was in.

Just do it *rant*

I originally wrote this as an addendum to my Darkest Hack part 4. However as I am starting to dive of the deep end with this one, I thought I would publish it separately, so those interested only game mechanics could just look at that.

Reading the strange fate of "Axes and Anvils" has put me in a just do it sort of mood. A long ago promised and kickstartered game. Its principal, Mike Nystal has long ago fallen silent. However he has tag teamed in Andrew Shields of Fictive Hack to finish the project. Andrew has created a wordpress blog, and from the list links has assembled enough text to make a decent game (although having not been sucked into the kickstarter, I cannot actually view the content). When last we heard from Andrew the game was still in playtest (although that was 2015). My advice to Andrew JUST DO IT! Assemble what you have into a .pdf send it to the backers and be free of it! If you put it for sale on Drive Thru RPG you might even make enough money you could send out the hard copies you promised people. Honestly folks, although nice artwork and slick layout are nice to have, for me what matters most is that I have something in my that I can game with. If you are spending more than six months on layout you are wasting everyone's time and for gods sake don't tell me you need a professional, almost anyone can do a pretty decent layout just using Microsoft Word.

In the "just do it spirit" the final part of my converting Darkest Dungeon characters to Old School Hack will appear about five minutes after this post.

P.S. I should mention that Andrew Shields Fictive Hack blog is one of the most active Old School Hack related sites on the internet

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

News from the Underdark *Updated*

A quick update. Somehow my players adventure tonight involved duking it out with three sharks for the remains of a plesiosaur, and then schlepping 800 lbs of plesiosaur meat on a sledge made of plesiosaur bone through the underdark in a direction they hope leads back to the surface. Good times!

*Update* Illustration Courtesy of She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed

Monday, May 2, 2016

*News Flash* Rulenomicon Updated

The Rulenomicon page has been updated. I got all the names of my new rules pasted in. Even got the formating to be more of a table. However, no new reviews or links yet. That will have to come later.

Enjoy! ;)
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