Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Goblin Week

Apparently January 15 through 25th was Goblin week and I missed it (too busy missing DnD's 40th anniversary I guess). Here's the tumblr site from those who didn't. The Blue (see Dragon Armies 17 Rats in the Walls) will have to pipe me out

P.S. Wizards of the Coast actually did post something for the 40th Anniversary of DnD. Unfortunately they are still not selling many things that I do not already own.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hungarian RPG rides again

Working my way through my capsule review for the rulenomicon (I have it made to the letter "S") I ran into Gabor Lux's Swords and Magic (long time readers may remember my vain attempts to translate this long ago, luckily for you can get Gabor's own translation here). This reminded me that I have forgotten to check Gabor's Blog Formhault for awhile (most of the time its in Hungarian, but the English posts are gems, one can wade through the Hungarian ones with google translate as well although some of the magic is gone). The good news Gabor had just published a new game. The not so good news its in Hungarian. Click here and you'll be taken to a site to download the free .pdf. Cover of the boxed set is shown below

The blurb on coachmen and robber knights reminds me of the central European folktale book of my youth. If I remember my Hungarian traditions, it was the coachman's job to tell the grooms stories while they worked on the horses. It also seems to have a three musketeers vibe as well, in my opinion a bit neglected era for roleplaying (En garde and Seven Seas being the exceptions) I have the .pdf already but will wait for an English translation before ordering the boxed set. I'll probably run the .pdf text through google translate, but  based on past experience the results won't  be pretty. Only one more thing left to say

*** Warning any Hungarians under the age of 18 should cover their eyes as what is coming is what my Hungarian friends refer to as a term of amusement ***

Kurva jó !

P.S. actually one more more thing to say in learning Hugarian, unfortunately I seem to be following the long language learning tradition of learning the swear words first
P.P.S She-who-must-be-obeyed would  highly frown on the other time tested language learning technique of picking up a Hungarian girlfriend.
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