Sunday, October 4, 2015

What I did with my summer vacation

Its been long busy summer. Unfortunately with two hard drive crashes and some moving I have fallen way behind even my lack-a-day one a month posting schedule. I did however make it to both Origins and Gencon. Origins was not so exciting. However, Gencon was a different story. Only went for one day so all I did was the dealers room. Major swag included:

- In to the Breach, both Players and Fate Masters guide. I have seen too many rigged card decks to be favor of card based resolution, but at least its role playing  rather than miniatures (my main gripe with Malifaux its sister game).

-Prince of Satar (a print version of the web comic).

-Heroquest in Glorantha. A revised Heroquest (The Laws Stafford one, not those other two) tricked out with artwork from the Gloranthan gazeeter. Unfortunately its still Heroquest (I am still hoping 13th age in Glorantha will give me a Gloranthan game which is my style).

-The battle mats for the Emerald Spire dungeon (already had the dungeon)

-Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Well written but perhaps aimed at a younger audience than me. At only$30 for the boxed set still a good deal. Here is a picture of me and Joe Dever at the Cubical 7 booth at Gencon:

Flying Buffalo had booth but only a mock-up of the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls so I didn't get anything then. Broke down and bought the .pdf of Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls yesterday. It still uses the same sad combat engine as before (I have blogged my concerns previously), but nice artwork and lots of extras. I'll try and get some longer reviews of things later.
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