Saturday, March 23, 2019

Garycon report

Hitched a ride with a couple of friends from the grognards podcast up to Garycon Last week. We ended up off-site at one of the myriad one-star motels that surround Lake Geneva. Unlike my friends who packed their schedules from 8 AM to Midnight. I tried to only sign up for a couple of things a day. Thursday morning was spent in the dealer's room, the afternoon going through the Garycon adventurers league first tier two adventure, and the evening listening to Larry Elmore pontificate. Friday I flew with the dawn patrol in Fight in the skies (Its a good system, but I hate flying allied planes in 1916) picked up the second Garycon adventurers league tier two adventure, sat in on the Greyhawk fan panel, and searched for the Source of the Nile. Saturday saw the third and final Garycon adventurers league tier two adventure, an Empire of the Petal Throne Dungeon boardgame variant (don't be picked up by the pale legion, you'll regret it), and watched D&D cartoons with Ernie Gygax in the evening. Sunday saw a trip through the Jakallan Underworld hosted by the head of the Tekumel foundation Victor Raymond. Because I had not booked my schedule full I was able to play in pick-up games of Index Card RPG and Ragnarok, watch people rolling up random treasure for First edition D&D (so much more exciting than treasure points) and chat with numerous folk (including Matt Finch and Anna Meyer) throughout the convention. Good times. However, I could have done with a bit more sleep than my gung-ho companions' schedules and our off-site location allowed.

Swag included:

Goodman Games:
- Into to the Borderlands (hardback)
- Isle of the Dread (hardback)
Kobold Games:
- Tome of Monsters (hardback; had the pdf already but find print more useful for Monster Books)
- Creature Codex (hardback)
Black Blade Press:
- Dark Druids (have picked up most of Rob Kuntz's modules in prior years, but "Dark Druids" was sold-out)
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