Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sewer Dungeon

I have always resented the short shrift Wizards of the Coast gave in its "Undermountain" gave to level 4 the sewer level. Iconic "Old school" D&D always involved battling a diverse clean-up crew of Otyughs, ropers, gibbering mouthers and black puddings the size of horse carts. Here is the "official" map of the fourth level of Undermountain:

The twisty passages and river are alright. However notice the scale one square equals 10' On my standard 5 to the inch quadrille this is barely 8.5" by 11". Comparing it to the double quad fold 34" by 22" of level 3 the Skullport/Sargoth level and considering it supposed to drain and feed all of Undermountain, this map just pathetic. Fortunately it appears I am not the only one with this option. Here is a redrawn home brew fourth level of a size to do it justice (from slade88green's image shack account).

and half of it redrawn in the box set trade dress (courtesy of Doirche [who died too young] on the cartographer's guild forum). I had to use the way back machine to resurrect this one.

Some nice discussion on the these maps at the Undermountain Back in Print project. Although most of this site seems frozen amber, it is a least still there. Halaster is promising progress in 2016.

Now all fourth level needs is some farms, a temple of the slime god, black puddings the size of horse carts and so om.

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