Monday, March 21, 2016

Darkest Hack part 2

I once again yell my barbaric yawp into the void with four more Darkest Dungeon classes reworked for Old School Hack. Let me know if you want to see more.

Mace Bash: Normal Melee Attack

Judgment: Divine bolt 1d6 target heals Vestal damage dealt

Dazzling Light: Raises light level target must Dex save or stunned.

Divine Grace: heals 1d8 by touch

Divine Comfort: Heals all party member within sight 1d4

Illumination: Ranged attack target must Dex save or Blind

Hand of Light: Meele attack extra 1d6 against unholy

Chop: Normal melee attack

Hew: -2 to damage but attacks all targets next to Leper

Purge: Successful attack knocks target back 2

Revenge: Advantage to attack, but give opponet advantage on next attack

Solemnity: Heals self 1d8 grants advantage to next attack

Withstand; Raises Morale grants opponent disadvantage on next attack

Intimidate: Close blast 3 Cha save or disadvantage on next attack

Sacrificial Stab: Melee attack Con save or bleed 1d4 per round

Abyssal Artillery: Ranged blast 1, save versus Dex or 1d8 damage

Weakening Curse: Ranged attack, save versus Int or disadvantaged

Wyrd Reconstruction: Touch heal 1d10 but save versus con or bleed 1d4

Vunerablity: Ranged attack save versus Int or grants attackers advantage and marked

Hands from the Abyss: Touch attack, Save versus dex or stunned

Demon Pull: Ranged attack Save versus Dex or pulled 3 squares towards the caster

Sniper Shot: Ranged attack weapon plus 1d6 extra damage to marked target

Suppressing fire: Ranged attack targets three, but -2 to damage

Snipers mark: Ranged attack marks target

Bola: Ranged attack Targets two targets, if hit targets are restrained

Blind fire: Ranged attack targets random target, no penalty for adjacent opponet

Rallying Flare: clears all stuns and marks from allies

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Darkest Hack part 1 First pass characters

Here's my first cut at adapting Darkest Dungeon to the table-top. Core system is based on Old School Hack (OSH): where every class has a list of powers; every character picks one power at the start and adds a new power every level. Description are perhaps more fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons than OSH, since I am used to thinking that way (OSH still has six attributes but renames them). Here's the four Classes I have done so far:


Smite: Standard attack +1d4 damage against the unholy (undead, evil aligned monsters)

Zealous Accusation: Close blast 1d4 radiant damage

Stunning Blow: Standard attack -2 damage but CON or stunned

Bulwark of Faith: +2 AC for 3 rounds

Battle Heal:  Touch Heals 1d8

Holy Lance: Normal movement without provoking, must end next to an opponent and make a standard attack against that opponent. Must start not next an opponent to use this power

Inspiring Cry: Heal 1d4 all allies within 30’ Raise morale one level

            Wicked Hack: normal attack plus dexterity bonus
Iron Swan: Leap over 3 squares, avoid AO with successful acrobatics check attack at end of leap

Barbaric Yawp: Close blast 3 Wisdom save or stunned

If It Bleeds: Attacks second rank. Save versus Con or take 1d4 bleed damage each round until save is made

Breakthrough: Hits three targets in a line -2 damage

Adrenaline Rush: heal 1d4 ends poison and bleed conditions

Bleed out: normal attack plus Save versus Con or take 1d4 bleed damage each round until save is made

Bounty Hunter

            Collect Bounty: Normal attack plus extra 1d8 on marked target

            Marked for Death: Marks Target
Come Hither: Range 3 Successful attack pulls target two squares (must use hooked chain as weapon)

Upper Cut: Successful attacks pushes target one square back on failed STR check

Flashbang: Close blast 3 Dex save or stunned

Finish him: extra 1d6 against stunned targets

Hook and Slice: Range 3 Save versus Con or take 1d4 bleed damage each round until save is made (must use hooked chain as weapon)


            Wicked Slice: Normal attack with DEX bonus to damage
            Pistol Shot: Gun based ranged attack

            Grapeshot: Ranged burst 1 -2 to damage

            Point Blank Shot: Gun based attack Range 0, move back 2 without AO

Tracking Shot: Gun based attack -2 to damage but subsequent attacks on this target are mad e with advantage

Duelist’s advance: Move up to full move without AO, make attack at the end (must start not adjacent to enemy)

Open Vein: Normal attack with DEX bonus -2 to damage. Save versus Con or take 1d4 bleed damage each round until save is made

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