Sunday, June 30, 2013

Swag from Origins and Free RPG day

Little behind in posting this. Although both Origins and Free RPG day were on the same weekend I still made it to both. Purchases at Origins included:

 a hard copy of Dungeon World, One of my players said it might be a good replacement for 4e when 4e collapses

Shroud of Ancients, a new game system from the folks who did the terror at twinleaf d20, I like its class-less approach to characters, and after spending a half hour at the booth talking I couldn't not buy it.

Second City Boxed set from Legend of Five Rings, three books City Guide, NPC Guide, and Campaign Adventure, lots of extras including dice bag, DM screen and deluxe character sheets, only dissapointing part was that map, being a City on a plain laid out in a rectangular grid it was just not exicting

Bunch of GW stuff, it appears GW has decided to start paying attention to this convention once again. Of course they have just opened a new store in Columbus and are expecting to open another in Cleveland later in the summer. Purchases included the new plastic eldar farseer, Tamurkan the Throne of Chaos book (so I can blow the dust off my chaos dwarf army), and Imperial Armor Masterclass II.

Talked to some guys who had recently kickstarted a new dragon led armies miniature game. However they didn't have anything to sell yet (Note to aspiring game companies, if you buy a booth at a major convention bring something to sell).

Ran into a friend from work Dwanye, who is trying to kickstater a pulp art image database. I sent him over to Andy Hopp booth to see about a table at Con-on-the-Cobb (a great little convention in Huson, OH on October 17-20)

For free roleplaying day I had to drive to Sandusky, about an hour away from my house, as Northeast Ohio is a black hole for Free RPG day. Nice store, The Hero Zone , but I am not Free RPG day was such a big hit for them, since I arrived at 2 pm and was still able to pick up most of the titles I was hoping for (Nowhere the 500+ person turn-out at my local comic book store for free comic book day). I did have to show my ID for "Better than any Man" something a middle aged man with 12" white beard finds humorous, the Gamestop  I visited wanted proof that I was over 18 as well, making it twice in one day. Titles included:

Better than any Man
Cosmic Patrol
Reap the Whirlwind
We be Goblins Too
Hall of Bones
Dungeon Crawl Classics Xcrawl

Could have picked up the Tunnels and Trolls adventure as well but since I am not fond of Tunnels and Trolls I gave it a pass. I'll try to review some of these items in a future post.

P.S. She-who-must-be-obeyed will get the Masterclass II for her birthday, I don't want to distract her with it now as she is happily glueing wave serpents together, and has painted the falcon we had already put together in the Zahr-Tann paint scheme seen on the "Last Trick of Loyso Pandokhva"(just the paint scheme not the faces).

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