Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spelljamming Postmortem 4 To Infinity and Beyond

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P.S. I forgot to mention the Manticore. At the end of the fight with the Manticore the Druid casts deaths door to keep the Manticore from dying. After a brief negotiation the Manticore agrees to serve as the druid bear girlfriends, as long as the Druid feeds him two sentient beings a week. Having an abundance of dead githyanki to fulfill this weeks quota the druid agrees. The Manticore spend the visit to the planet of the Dinosaurs blissfully asleep atop the hatchway of the Reasonable Fear insuring no messes with the ship while the party is out and about.

Map Below:

Week 4
The ship lifts off  and appears to have grown a laser turret while sitting on the landing pad (the originator of the ship had explained its necrogenerative properties the week before). Captain Sabido sets course for the Moon of Brass. After all they are still sure to need mercenaries and no one's going to know about that "little accident" with the Pride of Hasaphut. Shortly after the ship launches Captain Sabido feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and sees an eight foot tall guy dressed in a loincloth, with red skin, horns, a flaming sword in one hand and a whip in the other. The guy explains that he is here to "reward" Captain Sabido for freeing him from a eternity of servitude powering the engine of the Pride of  Hasaphut. The guy vanishes in a puff of smoke only to be replaced by a vulture headed guy and two large orangutans with glowing red eyes.  Captain Sabido quickly banishes one of the orangutans, and screams for help. The fighter and bard come running. The cleric having been at the bottom of the ship checking out the new turret arrives just in time to watch the last orangutan fall dead and dissolve (I was going to run this week 3 but since Captain Sabido didn't show I saved it just for his return).  Onwards, day 2 the space squid  attacks (statted as a hydra, because 5e Krakens are moving into to Tarrasque range). The new laser turret (acts a wand of lighting bolts, but requires 1d8 hp from the "co-pilot" per charge, the Druid has assumed "co-pilot" duties due to his players absence from the game) proves quite effective. Day 4 with the Moon of Brass in sight but still a day away the party is accosted by two small spider shaped craft with open cockpits (I was thinking the new Harlequin two man jet-bikes, but used my giant spider minis instead). After taking two laser hits from the spidercraft the guard Manticore flies away. As the spidercraft streak past one space elf from each of the craft uses his flipbelt to leap aboard the fighting deck of the Reasonable Fear. The cleric mans the laser turret and the Fighter, bard and Captain Sabido race to the fighting deck to repel the boarding elves. When the blast from the laser turret downs one of the spidercraft pilots the Manticore returns for a quick snack. The other pilot decides to join his fellow elves on the deck rather than risk another laser blast, but to no avail. All three elves are quickly overcome and added to the Manticore chow locker for later. Day 5 the ship in on approach to the Moon of Brass which reveals itself to be completely covered with ancient ruins made of metal. When the comm system crackles to life and orders them to follow the small squarish spacecraft to the Starfort in the distance they look at the forts 500 ft long space cannons and decide to comply. They land where instructed on a flat spot in one of the horn works and are greeted by 20 dwarves in funny hats, nineteen with long halberds and one with a scroll which he reads to the party explaining the rules and regulations. Once the party convinces them that they are here to sign on as mercenaries (after all they are here to sign on as mercenaries, Pride of Hasaphut? Never heard of it!) they are given a contract to sign and escorted to the mercenary barracks. More next time!
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