Saturday, February 28, 2015

We're Jamming

So by some weird twist of fate I find that I will be spending this weekend preparing a fifth edition spell jamming campaign. The Wednesday night group at the Friendly Local Game Store has been enjoying the clean spare lines of fifth edition by gooping it up with weird gonzo stuff. Unfortunately it is my turn in the DM rotation. One of the stipulations of my time in the chair that characters get to transfer from the old campaign, and yes they get to keep the evil eleven space suits, boltcasters, medium size mecha, and the Death Jammer the space gorilla (player character) stole. So we're jamming and I have the weekend to figure out spelljamming rules for fifth edition. I should be able to steal ideas and encounters from the Void below the World campaign I ran for fourth edition, but it is both a different level and system. I'll be using two guiding principles: 1) If tech is magic then magic is tech (i.e it may look like an evil elven space suit, but stats are like the adamantite armor in the DMG) 2) When in doubt make stuff up (this invokes the awesome power of the DM's imagination and keeps the game moving, because nothings worse than watching the DM spend a half an hour riffling through pages of rules and notes). Time to put on my DM hat, saddle up and see where this bucking bronco of a campaign takes us. Luckily this is not my first time in the chute, and  given the inherent gonzoness of the Fabulous Unknown City and Farmville campaigns my fellow DMs ran before me, very little will seem out of line.

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