Monday, August 5, 2013

13th age arrives!

My Thirteenth Age pre-order arrived today! With the stuff I got yesterday, it feels like Christmas in August. Does the arrival of my long-lost kickstarters and pre-orders signal the coming of Gen-Con? Magic eight ball says uncertain. Even at this late my plans for traveling to Gen-Con remain uncertain as well. Since she is not able to travel to GenCon with me she-who-must-be-obeyed has been giving my travel plans a serious "Frowny Face". The recent collapse of the plan b option of bringing my mother to Cleveland to visit instead has resulted in a possible opening (my mother lives near Indianapolis so the GenCon trip is a two-fer).  Since my mother is no longer willing to make long drives herself, my sister was going to act as chauffer and visit the Rock Hall with one of her friends as well. My mother (in her 80's) is fine, my sister in her (in 50's) is having gall bladder problems. Oh well! as long as cool stuff keeps arriving in the mail I no longer need to blow eighty bucks just for the right to spend money in the GenCon dealers room (since they have canceled all the fourth edition D&D events I would of played in the dealers room is about it for GenCon these days). I though about volunteering to DM 5th edition (I did read the playtest rules one or two iterations back, and since they are "simplifing" the rules how hard could it be?) but since I can neither confirm or deny my travel plans its kind of hard for me to commit. Some reviews of all my new cool stuff later, I promise!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Three Developments

Got my hardbacks from the razor coast kickstarter yesterday, have to get a review of the them up soon.

Emperors Choice has placed some of their Arduin products as .pdf on Drivethru RPG. Most Arduin stuff, although it is hard to play straight from the book, I find chock full of novel ideas. Hopefully having them as .pdf will make them a little more widespread.

Dyson of Dyson's Delves has placed his Dodecaheron fanzine Drivethru RPG. Normally I am a little perturbed when things that used to be free start to sell for cash. However Dyson has placed them as a pay-what-you-want, so you can still pick them up for free or send a little cash Dyson's way if you want to, and I am O.K. with that.
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