Friday, August 17, 2018

Gencon 2018

Went to GenCon for Friday. Got to Gencon about noon. Spent a half hour for an open parking lot. Spent another half hour hiking the mile from where I parked. After another 15 minutes in the will call picking up my badge, I ate pizza for another 1/2 hour and hit the dealer's room. Started at the western end and stumbled out the eastern end when the room closed at 6:00 PM. Marched the loot out to the car. Was going to go to the ENies, but decided I was so tired I just drove home. Observations: The dealer's room is dominated by board games. Many of the roleplaying games I had already picked on Kickstarter. Purchases included: the three Forge World indexes I didn't already own, the rolling miniature case from battle foam, Knights of the Dinner Table and Girl Genius comics for she-who-must-be-obeyed. I picked up two 5e supplements on what to do with monster parts. Demoed a pirate card game and listened to a sales pitch for a gaming table (mostly a for a chair to sit in). Failed to connect with much of anyone (other than two random gamers for lunch). I am getting too old for a Convention this large.
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