13th age
52 page Rulebook                    Only covers level 1-3      ****


A Song of Ice and Fire            Solid but Low Magic      ***


Abstract Dungeon                  Dice Pool Based, Handy random trait generation   ***

Accordian Files                       8 page pocket mod, not much to see   **

Acirema                                     Pick a path style from 1986 includes Zombie players         **

Adventurers’ Tale                   d6 old word doc not sure if its complete        **

Adventure Fantasy Game     Only 4 classes and d6 resolution. Mr. Grecco has written more interesting things  **

Adventure Time                      For fans of the show a 4e fan port capped at level 5 ***

Adventurer and Troll             Short Pocket mod thing            *

Adventurer, Conqueror, King  One of the better old school but still class locked   ***

Adventurers                             Two page rules 2d6 resolution, might be fun           **

Adventures Dark and Deep   More advanced dnd than old school   ***

Adventures Fantastique        d20 based in French      **

Adventures in Fantasy          Arneson's Lawsuit game Proof that Dungeons and Dragons needed Gary to write the rules                    *

Adventures in Oz                    2d6 dice pool resolution point buy, good coverage of the Oz books in monsters and magic               ***

Adventures in the New Kingdoms  Dyson's masterwork. A little rough         ***

Adventures Under the Laughing Moon  Nice artwork and layout. A baroque weave of race class and skill. A bit complex for my tastes                  ***

Adventuring Party                  Point Buy Dice pool rather short        **

Aetherianca                             2d10 resolution lots of charts and lots of complexity         **

Age of Shadows                       Open quest clone. Nice layout. ***

Ages past the Incan Sphere   d10 dice pool, included campaign setting, pretty layout, archetype  followed by point buy character creation                      **

Agon                                          Greek Mythology increasing dice size system. No magic System apparent                                                   **

Alchemists of Pwang              Micro game uses Tarot cards   *

Alienor                                      Play courtiers in medieval setting very limited       *

Altus Adventum                     Skill based system. Have to revisit. Lots of stuff      ***

Amazing Roleplaying             Universal system 2d10  based. Way too many options       **

Amberos                                   d20 based but 905 pages           **

Ambition_&_Avarice             d20 based clean layout only 60 pages worth a second look           ***

Anarchy                                    d100 post apocalyptic not my cup of tea         **

Anima Prime                           2d6 based wordy              



Arduin (revised)                     My review on this link. Too many options    ***

Argyle and Crew                      Sock puppet role-playing d6 resolution          **

Army Ants                                d6 ant role-playing         **

Arrghh bottom Sound           Ship based game more miniatures than rpg *

Arrows of Indra                       d20 in East Indian setting must revisit         ***

Ars Magika                               I liked it. My players hated it.   ***

Artesia                                      Fuzion system within comic book world. Liked the game better than the comic.                                        ***

Artifact                                      d100 based Sci Fi            **

Aspyrias                                    card based I only have the intro           

Astonishing Swordsmen       d20 based d20 license re-skin (note I have 1ed)      **

Avalyn Quest                           Pathfinder solo rules     **

Awesomesauce                        d6 based pocket mod pretty skimpy    *

Azamar                                     Open d6 extensive world setting         ***


Back to the Dungeon             d20 simplified in first volume and re complexified by Vol 7         **
Balrogs and Bagginses           d20 trying to be tolkienesque. List of traits includes corrupted ones. Some possibilities here         ***

Bandits and Basilisks             Very short. Very Old school     ***

Bandits and battlecruisers    Space version of bandits and basilisks 140pages?    ***

Barbarian Prince                    More board game than rpg but some interesting encounter tables         **

Barbarians of Leumria          2d6 system uses careers instead of skills and classes. May give it a shot  ****

Barbarians of the Aftermath  Post apocalyptic version barbarians of Lemuria ***

Barebones Fantasy                 d100 based uses classes as skill everyone has a rating in all classes. Actually played a demo system worked OK. Interesting random adventure generator but was a little too random for me.                ***

Baron Munchausen               Very stilted writing style. There may be a game in there somewhere     *

Barons of the West                 Empires miniature game army list      

Barony                                      1d8 attributes 2d8 resolution. Large career tree nice set of skills           ***

Basic Fantasy                           Solid OSR. I always get confused with BFRP but they are quite different. Allows split classes                 ***

Battle Axe                                 Warhammeresque Miniature game    

Battle masters                         3d6 resolution 13 pages not much more than basic combat         *

Battle Tech                               That Giant robot miniature game       

Beast of Limfjord                    12 page micro game variable dice size resolution. Pre gen characters only but some interesting thoughts.                                      **

Beasts and barbarians           Savage World Campaign Setting Not bad.     ***

Beasts, Gods, and Men;         Early RPG I bought mine in 1981 printed only        ?

Beat to Quarters                     Age of Sail RPG Card deck resolution. Not really fantasy. **

Bethorm                                   Uni system for Tekumel some possibilities but quite complex skill system                                                   ***

Beyond the Gates of Antares                                           Sci Fi Miniature Game        

Beyond the Wall                     Basic game very close to d20 source. Character Play Books take it in a interesting direction              ****

Beyonder                                  I remain in love with this fantasy heart breakers six schools of magic one for each attribute. Campaign setting is a bit too stretched from the mainline to sit well with my players                                       ****

Bifrost                                       Only own book one which not enough to play. Main features are oldness (1976) and rarity (although are rumors of a reprint. What I have seems fiddly   **

Big Brown Book                      d6 conversion of the little brown books of OD&D lots of mass combat rules . I like d20 better.         **

Blackmarsh                              setting for delving deeper          

Bleake Rebellion                      Story game of 18th century revolution. I only have the sample. Not my cup of tea.                                 *

Blood and Bullets                   Swords and Wizardry adapted to the wild west        ***

Blood and treasure                 AD&D clone. No race as class (good) but lots of subclass craziness (bad)                                                   ***

Blue Ocean                               lots of classes, skills and feats 3e vibe. Nothing breakout. ***

Bluehomles                             Basic Set clone. Just OK            **

Breachworld                            Core rules missing          

Break the Ice                           Story game of Dating. Not my cup of tea.      **

Brickmasters                           For Lego minifigs, related to searchers of the unknown, very brief         

Brimstone                                Play test version no class just skills and feats          ***

Broadsword                             trying to be simple mostly confusing **

Broken Urthe                          Post apocalyptic OSR some possibilities if I was into that sort of game  **

Brushfire                                  Fuzzy animal miniature battle game  

Burgs and Baliffs                    Role-playing game of actual medieval life more of a spoof than a game.                                                   **

Burning Wheel                       Interesting core mechanic. Too focused intraparty conflict and letting the dice do the thinking               *

By this Axe                               medieval miniature skirmish   


Cadwallon                                Cool Art  but hard to follow. D6 based? Unpublished DM guide might have explained things better.                                          **

Card                                           Card based resolution RPG just the core mechanics          **

Cartoon Action Hour Fantasy Genre Compendium (out of print)  d12 resolution uses oomph and stunt points instead of levels but at 191 pages for the base rules plus 450 pages for Fantasy seems a bit wordy                                        ***

Cave Adventures                     A true fantasy heartbreaker from when the author was 13 and D&D was banned in school. Uses a spinner because dice were also banned. Includes authors current thoughts as annotation to the scanned dot matrix text. Worth a look.    ***

Caverns and Cavaliers            Authors outline for an old school game. Combat focused. Large number of one sentence class variants. With some work could be good.      **

Chain reaction                         Skirmish Miniature Game d6 based    

Chainmail                                A pamphlet explaining how to use chainmail in OD&D. Something oddly not included in the little brown books                           

Challenger;                              Class power system. D20 resolution. DM does not roll dice boo! ***
Chaos and Barberie                It's in French. Appears to mostly a translation of the d20 SRD  but the are some spaceship rules too.     **

Chaosium                                 Basic Role-playing d100 based. Not bad but needs campaign setting to flesh it out.                                

Chimera                                    d20 based from the stone age to the space age. Well done although the advancement is a bit weird   ***

Chivalry and Sorcery              Interesting reading. Seriously flawed game. No reason for different classes to adventure or hang out together. Reprinting FUBARed by deaths of authors and Fantasy Games Unlimited churlishness.       **

Chronicles of Cathura            d6 based fantasy heartbreaker lots of new races and monsters.   **

Chronicles of Skin                  Story game using cards and sketching. Designed for one shots no continuing campaign (bad)   **

Chronos LARP                        Suggestions for writing your own LARPs      ***

Chuubos Marveleous Wish Granting Engine              A meta game of role-playing games. Obtuse and wordy but pretty.                    **

Circe                                          Profession skill based system. Extra stats. Way too complex.        
Circle of Hands                        Fantasy Heartbreaker. Interesting Read. There's a game in there somewhere                              **

Clash of Arms                          d20 supplements             

Clockwork Empire                  Steam punk game Everyone has a rating in everything Card based resolution, Unfortunately quick start does not include cards making the system hard to assess        *

the Cog Wars                           Steam punk setting. a game of write your own traits. Will require a good DM                                             ***

Colors of Grey                         Micro game based on thieving **

Conjectural roleplaying gamemaster emulator           Random system for procedural game play. Might work                                          **

Corporia                                    Dark future role-playing 2d6 resolution       **

Creatures and Caverns          Not bad for a teenage fantasy heartbreaker. Very short     **

Creeks and Crawdads             Dice pool based game of crawdad adventure. Short . No advancement.  *

Crimson Blades of Ara           Unique and Original. Balance needs tweaking         ****

Crimson Dragon Slayer         d6 dice pool based. Very tongue in cheek. Real life characters transported to a fantasy world. Your skills based on real work jobs.        ***

crone                                         Game of Witches 3d6 resolution. meh          **

Crumbling Epoch                    OSR Heartbreaker. Random skill generation. Escalating die based combat. Some unique classes and monsters.                              ***

Crypts and Things                   Another OSR                   ***


d20                                            The d20 SRD. The thing that got the ball rolling    ****


d6                                               d6 dice pool game lots of genres          ***

dagger                                       Simplified labyrinth lord for kids        ***

Dangers and Dweomers        Nice clean system Classes paired down to four. Uses secondary skill system similar to AD&D each character gets one extra profession ****

Dark Dungeons                       D10 based, pretty minimalist    

the Dark Eye                            Big in Germany. 8 attributes, 14 classes, a point build system with a large list of advantages and disadvantages. Well translated and workable, but a bit complex.            ***

Dark Fantasy of Sundrah      Like the low fantasy vibe. Attributes and character creation a bit complex, seems to resolve into a skill rating at the end         ***

Dark Horrors Hidden places  Steam punk apocalypse core rules close to vanilla d20                                            ***

Dark Passages                          d20 based 3d6 in order attributes but bonuses for most scores and free 14. Skill list is core. Classes advance in skills at specified levels. Different advance for different skills. Intriguing.                                ***

Dark Realms                            d6 based system but not a good one   *

Darkest Age                             Medieval Apocalypse d20  system       **

Dark_Camelot                         two page campaign setting         

Dawn of Worlds                      Cooperative World Build game. Might be fun          ***

Delving Deeper                        Another retro clone others are better            **

Demon the Descent               World of darkness game same rules different setting        **

Demonlord                              Board game                       

Destiny                                     2d6 resolution but not added together slick but tricky math. Only have the quick start.                        **

Devil John Moulton               Western Story Game short one shot  *

Dinky Dragons                        Dinky Dungeon retro clone. No Fuzzy Winkers = epic fail (Dinky Dungeons wasn't much but the Fuzzy Winker race of weasels who did nothing but cower and complain were a hoot and well illustrated in cartoon form)            *

Divvy in the Dungeon            Loot dividing card game. Yawn.           *

Djarhun                                    Role-playing Board Game d 20 based pretty close to an RPG       **

Dogs in the Vineyard             Western Story Game interesting setting complicated dice mechanic but thing are going to go bad eventually                              **?

donjon                                      d20 dice pool game (really?) Claim one primary ability plus four supporting abilities open ended.                                     **

Dragon Sword                         Tri stat(bad) eight skills(has potential) d6 based resolution(bad)           *

Dragon Warriors                    Classic game from the 80s. Could have stayed in the ’80 very class locked                                                   **

Dragoons                                  Micro20 variant. Liked the big list of powers for each class          ***

Dreamwake                              Post-apocalyptic Dream Word Story game. No, just no.     *

Drowning and Falling            Not a serious game. Interesting card encounter generator though.        **

Dungeon                                   The classic board game. The alternate fork to DnD. Fun for a few hours but not life changing.              

Dungeon Crawl                       2d6 resolution. Uses custom card desk for adventure generation.          **

Dungeon Crawler                   Board game                       

Dungeon Delvers                    Pocket mod d6 based game      *

Dungeon Escape                      Card Game uses standard deck             

Dungeon Kind                         Incomplete set of notes  

Dungeon Raiders                    Short form version of OSR only 10 pages. Fairly clean.      **

Dungeon Slayer                      Rules light but the price is good          ***

dungeon Squad                       Original is rules light variable dice resolution. A number of supplements including advanced dungeon squad.                              ***

Dungeonteller                         Could be a game in there somewhere, but I didn’t find it   

Dungeon World                      Lots of great ideas but game play is a bit different. Seems to require a lot of DM prep to make it fun.    ***

Dungeoneer                             Card Game                        

Dungeons                                 Solo adventure with procedural adventure generation and card deck    **

Dungeons and Drunkards    drinking supplement      

Dungeons Daring                     Lots of spreadsheets unfortunately the game needs them            *

Dungeons the Dragoning      d10 based extremely complicated . Not sure if they're serious.     **

Duty and Honour                   Napoleonic RPG card base resolution. No fantasy.  **

Dying Earth                             d6 based. Tries to emulate Jack Vance's Dying Earth. Abilities are rated as motivations. Not quite getting it.                                   **?


Early Dark                                d10 dice pool. Lots of campaign specific information. Rules are listed as grammar for some reason. Three Main attributes Mundane, Arcane, and Loom. Filled to the brim with interesting ideas, actual mechanics may take some study to unwind           ***

East Mark                                 Very good game I have reviewed in my blog. Translation of Spanish game. Kickstarter underpriced the starter so translator license was pulled. Several expansions already written is Spanish. Rumors of a new translator every so often.       ****

Eclipse                                       Electronic Character generation and game creation software       
Eldritch Ass Kicking               2d10 system. Focused on wizard duels rather than broader game play. I like the name.                         ***

Elegia renamed to Retrophaze                                                     

Empire Galactique                  French game. I'm still translating.       

Empires                                    D6 miniature game         

Encounter-critical                   Science Fiction Role Playing from 1979. Includes Wookie race and Doxy class. Read for historic interest only.                             **

Endless Fantasy Tactics         Table Top miniatures version of the CRPG. I am overly fond of the skirmish maps.                         

Engines and Empire               Steam Punk variant of labyrinth lords. New characters make a bit different game                         ****

Entropic Gaming System      Progressive dice system. Nothing really grabs me. Quick start is 81 pages                                                   **

Epees et Sorcerile                   2d6 French game but actually has an English translation. Pretty close to other systems.                          

Epic                                            Just have a couple starter adventures             

Epic Heros                                Brink of Battle Miniatures expansion for fantasy.    

Era                                             variable dice stats. A bit stilted and obtuse.  **

E-RPG Saga: Gamemaster Lodestar                                           

E-RPG Saga: The Fantasy Saga                                                    

Errant;                                      Nicely laid out and written, but pretty close to OGL           ***

Esteren                                     Medieval Horror. D 10 resolution. 5 ways detailing characters emotional approach 16 domains covering specific skills. System seems reasonably solid although there seems as in many horror games an undercurrent to encourage irrational actions by the players            ***

Eternal Contender                  Combat focused warrior only card based resolution. A little narrow for my taste                                    **

Exemplars and Eidolons        Claims to be layout tool in the introduction. Actually a playable game in its own right. Close to other OSR                                   ***

Exiled in Eris                           Only have character creation and core rules. D20 Sci-Fi    

Explore                                      Card based Random Dungeon game. I have Beta rules.      

Explorers and Exploits                                                       


Fabled Lands                           True to its game book roots. I am not fond of generating stats with only d6, and my complaints with 2d6 for resolutions are well known    ***

Faith and Demons                  Play test savage worlds in early Europe          

Fallout                                      Fallout based RPG beta a little sketchy          

Fanstastic Adventures           OSR pretty close to the LBB     **

Fanstastic Heroes                   OSR resolution. Lots of new character classes         ***

Fantasia                                    Lots of text. Lots of rules still looking for character generation.           *

Fantasy Core                            d20 based says its fantasy but all the illustrations are cyberpunk.          *

Fantasy Hero                           Fantasy version of Champions. One of the most hopeful point buy games I've run across I want it to work but get lost in the crunch. **

Fantasy Saga                            OSR but rules heavy       

Faraway Land                          Tri statted die pool game. I enjoy the art work. May give it a shot, it had good reviews elsewhere         ***

Fate                                           Multi dice resolutions math is hard   **

Fate of the Norns                    d100 several editions since this one. Ragnarok switches to rune based resolution                                **

Fate Worse than Death Rentpunk                                 Fate based horror game     *

Fear No Darkness                   Micro game                      *

Feeria                                        In Spanish (I think)         

Fighting Fantasy                     Table top version of pick-a-path adventure series. 2d6 resolution close to its roots.                                   *

Final Fantasy Roleplaying    adaptation of the video game d100 based. Up to level 100. Every main class has its own skill list as well as several subclasses. However no sphere grid            ***

Fire and Sword                        Skill based system writing not my style        ***

Five Moons                              Sean Reynolds Fantasy heartbreaker. OK but not exceptional.    ***

Fluxborn                                  Dreamscape role-playing. 2d6 based system ***
Flying Swordsman                 Oriental game. I love the stunt die concept. Class based    ****

Fog of War                               Token based mass battle supplement  

Forest of Doors                       Boffer LARP                      

Forgotten Futures X              2d6 based strange dragon meat mechanics   ***

Freebooters Fate                    Pirate miniatures Game            

FUBAR                                      Layout gets in the way of the reading the rules. D6 resolutions boo! Like the keyword character creation                                       

Fugue                                        2d6 system a bit skimpy            **

Full Metal Plate Mail             OSR of LBB                      ***


g core                                         d10 based only have the fantasy Supplement            

g20                                             d100 lots of charts and tables. Main rules seem to be missing.     
Gates and Gorgons                 Fantasy Heartbreaker. Career based. D12 resolution          

gauric                                        very close to d20 SRD    **

Geasa                                         Emo Story game bid resolution           *

Glimpse the Beyond               Horror adventure supplement only     

Godchild                                   fiction?                               

Gods and Minions                  Skirmish Battle Card game.      

Gods and Monsters                Pretty Generic OGL except for mojo points   

Goetia                                       Gothic Horror point buy character creation. D20 resolution. Well written. Has some potential                ***

Gold and Glory                        Swords and Wizardry based. Lots of new character classes but some descriptions seem incomplete.                                        **

Golden Age                              d10 based system. Lots of classes but only one bonus skill per class       **

Gothic Earth                            House rules for a gothic horror campaign     

Gray Magik                              2d6 system rules simply presented. Gain black and white points game progresses                                ***

Grey Six                                    d20 lots of races lots of classes capped at level 6      ***

the Grey Book                         Recreation of the Holmes rules. Did a little too good a job. No longer in print                                           

Grim World                             Setting for either Dungeon World or FATE   

Gromm                                     Fantasy Skirmish rules  

GURPS                                      The old standard 3d6 resolution. Tri stat. Too much crunch in basic version and not much flavor. World specific versions are a bit better.       **


Hackmaster                             One of the first clones. First edition chock full of extra rules you didn't need. New edition more basic, but still a bit too much crunch for me.      **

Hakkenslash                            2d6 based game capped at level 6        **

Halberd games                         variable dice attribute resolution. Hard to read      **

Haldane                                    Labyrinth Lord Adventure should have picked up the non booklet format now I'll have to print it           

Hand of Fate                            Card based resolution RPG. Some intriguing features.       

Harnmaster Advanced           Update of the Old Hardmaster rules. Harnmaster had some nice concepts in rules organization, however I didn't care for the chart based combat resolution       **

Harmaster Gold                      Authors fork in Harnmaster line. Response to a lighter version from the publisher.                                 **

Hellas                                        Space Greeks. Mind blowing collection of tables and weapons from spears to laser cannons. D20 based too!                                    ****

Heroic Fantasy                        don't quite get this one  
HeroQuest (the G Stafford one) Imaginative ideas but flawed game mechanics **

Heros against Darkness                                                    

Heros and Other Worlds       Only have the skirmish rules have to wait for another lulu sale  

Heros Journey                        House rule supplement  

Heros of the Dungeon Crawl   3d6 system but some weird dice rolling conventions    **

Heros of the Jade Oath          Eastern game based first on Arcana Evolved then Pathfinder. Pretty good but nothing new for it since 2014.                                 ***

Hither Lands                           Another Middle Earth Role-playing game d12 based          *

Hollow Earth Expedition      Pulp Fiction 1930's game. Dice pool based    **

Holmes Blue Book Companion Expansion based on D&D basic. Not sure why this is better than the expert set or the rules cyclopedia.  *

Hoodoo Blues                          Game of Southern Hoodoo magic. Fairly realistic spell selection not for the faint of heart. Everything is a 50/50 trial but you can keeping trying until you exceed a skill based target number of times.        ***

How to host a dungeon         Procedural drawing game. Pretty interesting charts. Second edition in production.                               

Hulks and Horrors                 Sci FI OSR capped at 6th level  **

Humanspace Empires            Futuristic OSR with ept monsters. Uses psi and super science instead of magic                                          

Hungarian RPG                      Translates as "Swords and Magic" Gabor Lux's attempt to bring d20 to Hungary. An abridged version is available in English.           ***


Impresa Express                      d10 dice pool. Slightly different abilities but most else is routine. Includes laser rifles so must be high tech. However the free rules don't give much sense of the setting           **

Incarnate                                  d100 (but some d20). Very rules crunchy.    **

Ingenium                                 Some potential not enthused by 2d6 resolution though    

Insight                                      d10 based. Includes rules for social influence. Lots skills with advanced tier ones available. Tending towards crunchy, but core dice roll is simple.           ***

Into the Dungeon                   One page micro game    *

Into the Odd                            d20 versus attribute. Free version is nothing special.        **

Into the Wasteland                Fallout version of into the odd            **

Iron Age                                    300- 700 ad based RPG d20 stats on d4 lots of rules          *

Iron Falcon                              Pretty OSR standard      **

Iron Kingdoms                        Privateer Presses Warmachine derived role playing game. Not happy with either the tri stat system, or the lowering the stats with damage. Their d20 supplements were better.                                                   **

Iron Sword                               d20 test against attribute. Some interesting races. My copy has blank feats to be described later               **

Ironhenge                                The copy I bought was printed on index cards and included a full world and dungeons. The campaign setting was cool, the game not so much.     **


Jaws of the six serpents         Prose Descriptive Quality (PDQ) game. You write what your characters qualities are and negotiate with DM what they mean. Checks are 2d6+quality against a target number                                                   ***

Jorune                                      One of my favorites however I have the wild and crazy first edition not the dull as dishwater d20 conversion. Have the crappy computer game but can no long make it run. Rules trapped in limbo due to chessex author dispute          ***

Judges Guild Universal         More how to read our stat blocks than rules. Dice conversion table is handy                                        **

Kalibruin                                  screen shots of notes up for auction    


Key Role Playing                     PBM rules worth a second look            

Kids DnD                                  House Rules to make Kid games easier          

Kobold Midgard                      adventures some optional classes        


Labyrinth Lord                       OSR mainstay has an AD&D version too        
Lady Blackbird                        d6 dice pool pregen characters and only 16 pages feels like I'm missing something, but a check of the web site confirms that’s all there is.            **

Lamentations of the Flame Princess (art free grindhouse ed downloadable from blog)            Best steam punk adaptation of D&D                                       ****

Legend                                      Generic Runequest, of course the thing I liked best about Runequest was the setting                                ***

Legend of Anglerre                               

Legend of five rings                Newest edition has custom dice , Boo! Some good ideas but I didn't like clan as character class either.                                          **

Legend of the wayfarer          pick a path adventure game dice pool resolution but pretty basic.           **

Legend Quest                          d100 lots of skills            ***

Legendary DnD                       House Rules for 4e          

Legendary quest                       Attribute point buy d10 based individual skills level up individually      ***

Legend 2                                   Another legend game d20 based lots of classes, skills and feats like 3e  ***
Legends of Anglerre               Fate based fantasy game set in English comic book setting          ***
Legends of the ancient world   3d6 based packs a lot of stuff in 8 pages  ***

Life and Times of a Teenage Socerer  Game targeted at kids I think. Schoolbook looking font. Wall of text presentation                         **

Loadstar                                   Game Master guide only            

Lone Wolf                                based on the pick-a-path adventure. Random number from to 1-10 generated from the box lid. Seems aimed at the younger  crowd but I still love it. Joe Dever's prose is clean and clear.                       ***

Longshot                                  Sci-Fi story game            **

Longsword and Shield           variable dice short 6 pages but concise          ***

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow                                     Diceless role-playing in the tradition of Amber. Lots of possibilities but will need god GM to make it work. ***

Lost City of the Dwarves       Two pick-a-path solo adventures and modifications to play them with more than one person           **

Lost Empires                           Swords and wizardry variant spells cost variable manna points to cast. ***

Lost Roads of Lociam            light rules free but missing some stuff. Lots of skills d100 based resolution.                               **

Lost Worlds                             Flip book maneuver series       **

Lowell was right                     Alternate World game has a lot of rules for build your pcs home base   **


Maelstrom                               Attribute based game. Do it yourself magic rules left me flat        

Mage the Ascension               White Wolfs world of Darkness Magic User book. I am still mad that I bought this instead of the Magic the Gathering Alpha deck.            **

Magenta                                    Squad based Science fiction military game. Variable dice size resolution. Might have possibilities        ***

Magitech Wars                        Board Game                      

Mass Effect                               Table Top version of video game. Based off of Bulldogs FATE game       **

Masterbook                              Universal Role-playing Point buy attributes d10 resolution system       **

Matter of Honor                     Legend of Five Rings Card game          

Maze of Torment ??? In Polish(Translate says inspired by rouge and angband) Still working on translation                                

Mazes and Minotaurs            Seems more of a joke than a serious game, but may be playable. Class based                                          

Mazes and Perils                     Another OSR                   **

Mecha versus Kaiju                Only have the design sheets. Game says it is FATE based  

Mechanical Dream                 Lots of races lots of classes exiting art work, but I didn't find any rules. Turns out I have the campaign book rather than the rule book. Reviews indicate a variable dice pool system.                                      ?

Medical Bay Three                  card based game of Sci-FI ER trauma. Not enough rules to run anything than the provided one shot adventure                          **

Michtim                                    The fluffy adventure game. Uses additive d6s which I don't care for much,  but has some interesting tweaks which might make it playable     ***

Microlite                                   More variants than you can shake a stick at. I like the author’s emphasis on keeping things rules light. I like microlite75 the best but have not read the 81 edition yet, Must compare and contrast with other OSR                          ***

Middle Earth Adventure Game                                       Fan build game to emulate the out-of-print Iron Crown Middle Earth Role-playing. Rather short but packs a lot in with small font. Website has gone dark.                                          **

Middle Earth Roleplay           A reduced rule set of Iron Crown's Rolemaster for playing in Middle Earth. I always liked it, although some purists complained it was too magic heavy. Pretty much FUBARed by licensing issues so I don't expect a reprint.      ***

Mini six                                     Universal Role-playing using d6 additive system. Good artwork and well written but a non-starter for me.                                   **

MMM                                        Two pages!? Not much here     *

Mod                                           Another Universal system 3d6 resolution. Lots of traits for characters. I especially liked the traits for monsters list.                 ***

Modern Adventures               Modern age pathfinder expansion       **

Modos                                       Modular Open Source adventure. Pretty much d20 but nicely written. ***

Moebis Adventures                Universal System. Rules heavy and several inconsistent dice systems.  **

Monkey                                     Journey to the West based. High Fantasy Eastern uses playing cards for resolution. Kind of cool.        ****

Monster Box                            A game of monster fighting. D6 based. Nice list of monster powers. Not bad for 10 pages.                      ***

Monsters and Magic               Sarah Newton's OSR. Well written but not much different from the others.                                       ***

Monsters and Mazes              Txt file super light RPG but covers all the bases (at least for dungeon crawling). From the era of newsgroups and ftp files.  ***

Murder Hobos                         Six page OSR not real complicated, doesn't include much other than combat. Has an expansion which adds a little bit.      **

Mutant Chronicles                 Techno Fantasy game. 2d20 roll under mechanic. Dark Symmetry points allow GM to interrupt. A little rules crunchy and not my genre     **

Mutant Scavengers of the Ruined Earth  1 page and not my genre. Moving on       *

Mutt                                          Open source Universal System. D20  based but lots of math and some charts.                                       **

My Life with Master               A game of minions serving a dark master. D4!? Dice pool but 4s don't count. Award winner but too emo for my tastes.        **

Myth                                          Board Game with Cards             

Myth and Magic                      2e focused game. Ok for that but not much else      **

Myth Weaver                           d20 based game nothing new here     **

Mythender                               d6 dice pool plus cards. Lots of wheels and gizmos. Worth another look                                                   ***

Mythic                                       Universal system. D100 for resolution . Point buy or Free form character creation. Dmless option        ****


Necrocarcerus                         Swords and Wizardry add-on for after life campaign          ***

NeoClassical Geek Revivial   Point buy attributes. D20 based combat other things have other systems. Friendly writing style but a few too many rules.        **

Neoexodus                                Pathfinder Campaign      

Neon Sanctum                        Post apocalyptic game uses 2d10 and custom card deck. O.K.       ***

New Kingdoms                        Dyson Logos heart breaker. 2d6 based. Broken up into 10 booklets. Seems Playable                                    ***

Night of the Barrel                 Drunken Story game uses rock-paper-scissors         *

Nights of the Crusades          Crusaders meet Arabian night d10. High on prose fuzzy on game mechanics                                **

Ninja                                         Card game                         

Nobilis                                      A game of god want-to-be Coffee table box is pretty epub version not so much. Resolution is by bidding action points. Have to find the coffee table version before rendering judgment                                  ?

Nordic LARP                            A collection of essays on life action role-playing. Not really rules per say.                                                    

Northern Crown out of print                                           New world role-playing. Only have the introduction                             

Novus                                        2d10 against a target number. 8 stats either rolled on 2d10 or point buy. Skills from list/ Not bad but not very different from many others.            ***


Octane                                       Post Apocalyptic racing game. 3d6 resolution includes style points        ***

Old Dragon                              In Portuguese I am afraid.         

Old School Hack                     My favorite, of course the developers site is shrouded in cobwebs *****

Omnifray                                  An ancient world where magic is keep hidden. d12 resolution lots of charts. Not feeling it              **

One Dice                                   Universal system. Uses 1d5 for resolution. Probably lost me there.        **

Oni Puncher                            Love the name but not much depth to it in its single page            *

Open Quest                              d100 game open license comes in free and deluxe. I like Legend better. **

Orbis Terrum                          Includes Gary Chalk illustrations. Ten races to choose from Stats generated from 3d20. d100 resolution                         ***

Order of the link                     Modern world hopping role-play. Only have play test edition        

Orignal Edition Delta            House rules for OD&D and mass combat       

OSRIC                                       The one that started it all(at least the last OSR go round). Still a pretty good system                             ****

Other Role Playing Games nook   my dump space for a previous collection. Nothing to see here                                 

Otherkind                                Micro game 11 pages uses d6 dice pool           *

Ouroboros engine                  d2o based story game of setting stakes for success and failure. Rules a little unclear                            **


Pandemonio                             A game of demon hunting d12 dice pool art not for the faint of heart    **

Pandora London                     Demon hunting in London d10 resolution   **

Pars Fortuna                           Unique Races, sensible non-initiative combat order, worth another look                                                   ****

Pendragon                                Arthurian emo role-playing d20 resolution. I have been fascinated with the system for a while but the campaign structure is far different than my normal hack and slash style Includes a bookkeeping round in the play.                   ***

Peregrine                                  d6 based resolution character creation: two things your good at, two weaknesses, a goal, and a code. Liked the character creation the rest is pretty skimpy. **

Peril;                                         Another pocket mod game. Moving on          *

Perilous Worlds                      OSRy but with some nice twists. Initiativeless combat. Old school Hack talent list for each class. Worth a shot.                         ***

Phaethos                                  Fantasy Wild West Steam punk d10 resolution. Attributes by class. Might play it                                        ***

Pirates and Privateers           Board game I think         

Pitch                                          Coin toss resolution. Ugh!        *

Planet Eris                               House Rules for the Sparn campaign  

Platemail                                  Preserves that Old school confusing as heck writing style        **

Pnumadesi                               Campaign Setting            

Pocket Things                          One page parlor game     

Pokemon X                              Pokemon role-playing d20 resolution. Not licensed. Limited number of pokemon in core rules.          **

Polaris                                       Storytelling game. No dice at all. Interesting art. Every player has a different role in advancing the plot. No characters as such. I am tempted by it but not sure it counts as role-playing.                             ***

Prince Valiant                         Like Pendragon only different penny pitching resolution *

Prose Descriptive Qualities  core rules for several games (see Jaws of the seven serpents). Dice pool . Generic version a bit lacking.                                          **

Prowlers and Paragons          Dice pool superhero game        **

Pulp Karma                              d6 based resolution modern. Only Black and white text   **

Puppetland                               A story game of puppets. No dice boo!            **


Qalidar                                      d20 Sci Fi game pre release version    **

Qin                                             7th century China Roleplaying. Point buy attributes. 2d10 resolution but subtract low die from the high die. Has some possibilities   ***

Queeste                                     In German                        

Questers into the unknown A Dungeon World mod very short.     *

Questers of the Middle Realms                                       PDQ fantasy game not as serious as Jaws of the Seven Serpents.                       ***
Raiders of the Ruins of Kanthe                                       Solo RPG. Procedural dungeon generation via d6 dice drop. Resolution via d10 dice pool and counting matching dice. May give it a shot.           ***

Rakune                                     House Rules                     

Raven Crowking' Fantasy Game     Pretty standard OSR rules. Large weapons list. Nice collection of DM tips at the end                                 ***
Reality Changing Game         Coin flip resolution.  Wall of text. Off my list.          *

Realms of Adventure              d100 resolution. Lots of races. Lots of charts and tables for combat resolution. Not the best.       **

Realms of Bethica                   d100 resolution. Lots of charts and tables for combat resolution. Not the best. Same rating as the game above.                            **

Realms of Lore                        Tri-fold Micro game       **

Recon 6                                     d6  dice pool post apocalypse micro game.     **

Redbox Fantasy                       D&D basic clone              ***

Redbox Hack                            Like Old school hack but even less complete            ***

Refuge in Audacity                 Not entirely serious. Not recommended for play but a hoot to read. Liked the d100 random character classes.                               ***

Reign                                         d10 dice pool looking for matches. Lots of skills interesting layout        ***

Renegade                                  OSRish Has nice table for noncombat experience.  ***

Resolute                                   d6 based game                 **

Retro Phaze                             8 bit Fantasy roleplay 2d6 resolution. Nice and compact. Pretty good.                                                   ****

Retrostar                                  1970s Sci Fi television roleplaying. 2d6 resolution extra star for Disco! ***

Rhune                                       Pathfinder Campaign Setting    

the Riddle of Steel                  Seemed better when I didn’t understand the rules **

Risus                                         Multiple d6 additive. Liked the clichés for special moves. Only 6 pages  **

Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age                                Miniature Campaign Rules            

Robot menace                         Players split into two teams. Uses physical motion instead of dice.         *

Roguish                                    3d6 based sample only 8 pages. Pretty basic **

Rolemaster                               Iron Crowns old standard too complex and fiddly for my tastes. **
Runequest                                An old heartthrob abandoned due to slow play and excessive randomness. However, Glorantha remains one of my favorite worlds      **

Runeslayers                             A rebuild of the Runequest replacement under development at Avalon Hill when Hasbro bought them out. Point buy character build. 2d10 roll under your attribute systems of historical interest but there are better systems available now    **

Ryuutama                                Pastoral Role Playing game. Combat is deemphasized in favor of helping people. I enjoy reading it but have not tried to play it yet     ****


Saga                                           I like the skills instead of stats and classes. However the rules are wordy and a bit complex with multiple damage pools            **

Saga of the Splintered Realms Attributes 3D6 keep 2. d20 resolution. Unified level table (yay!). 30 talents to give you something to do. OSR but well done     ****

Sarps                                          Universal RPG pure d6. eh?     **

Savage Swords of Antor         Mostly a campaign setting for swords and wizardry             

Savage Worlds                         one of the first variable dice systems. Never quite got into it other than Low Life. Stunts vary from campaign, so quality may vary.  ***

Scarlet Heros                           South Seas role playing. Rules fairly conventional OSR. However, while combat is d20, skill checks are 2d8. Setting is very interesting       ***

Searchers of the Unknown   Ultralite role-playing. One page of rules, however a large collection of variants is available. Extra star for audacity.                 

Second Dawn                           LARP                                  

Secret Fire                                Game mechanic reasonably solid but over emphasis on alignment. Only four classes.                             **

Septimus                                  d6 set in far future point buy character creation. S0me interesting stuff.                                                   ***

Seven Voyages                         Close to the little brown books seven supplements so lots of stuff          ***

Shadow of Yesterday              Story game FUDGE dice for resolution. Might be OK seems a bit fiddly.                                                   **

Shadowrun                              dice pool resolution. If I was into cyberpunk I might give it a shot         ***

Shakhan                                   Long and rules lawyerly. Has a bit of an EPT feel    **

Shinobi and Samuri               OSR conversion for eastern roleplaying nine classes. Good selection of eastern weapons                     ***

Siege Perilous                          Chogowiz’s attempt to create an Ultima I-IV clone with d20.Looks playable, but he’s only got four classes instead Ultima’s eight and I would have done it with alphabet letter spells                              **

Simple DnD                             d20 OSR streamlined by getting rid of skills and feats.      ***

the Simple Game System      d6 based game. A little too simple      **

Simple Sixes                             2d6 system. Not too much different than others     **

Simplicity                                 tri stated moves, spells, feats, skills have combined into abilities. Worth a shot and free                            ***

Six Fist fuls                              One page game using d6s          *

Sixcess                                       d6 dice I only have the quickstart rules. Advertises several campaign settings in the back.                

Skein                                         FATE based dark fantasy           **

Slight mistake                         d100 Sci Fi set in a dyson sphere. Not my thing      **

Small but Vicious Dog           Warhammer Fantasy clone. Zwiehander is more comprehensive but this one has its own charms         ***

So now youre a time traveller  2 page RPG of you guessed it time travel           *

Something went wrong         d6 only four classes system is a bit meh except for the Gming GM rotates from character to character as the encounters progress. Could be a hoot with the right players         ***

Sorcerer                                    Modern Sorcery game every player gets a bound demon to start. I need to study this one a bit more to understand the mechanics. Doesn't seem like it will end well.     

Sorcery and Super Science    Post apocalyptic variable dice resolution system but complicated. Stats are  a single d6 role.                       **

Space fight                                Space Ship battle game   

Spawn of Fashan                     Often compared to "World of Synnibarr" as worst RPG. Complex and poorly organized, but hey no laser beam eyed grizzlies with machine guns.        *

Spears of the dawn                 Afro centric OSR well done      ***

Spellcraft and Sorcery            rules here are Spellcraft and sorcery   

Spellcraft and Swordplay       3d6 abilities. 2d6 combat resolution. Basic book only goes to level 3     **

SPG                                            Mathematically intensive not much beyond combat          *

Spooky Four Things               Story game Horror setting. Of little interest to me *

Stars without number           Sci Fi OSR 3d6 attributes. Nice list of Sci Fi skills. Some Psychic skills (Space Magic not included in the free edition). Nice list of backgrounds. Every Character gets a focus as well. Focus read a bit like feats, perhaps a little much for a simple game. lots of Psychic powers to play with. 2d6 for skills 1d20 for combat. Solid  ****

Starship from hell                  Wrecked spaceship as dungeon crawl. Lots interesting roll up tables. No character rules though.          

Steel and Flame                      6 page micro rpg. Nothing very eye catching *

Sticks and Stones                    The free RPG not the savage worlds campaign setting.  Complex point buy character creation. Variable die combat resolution. Learning by doing experience interesting but a lot of book keeping.                      **

Storymax                                  Dice pool story game. Bare bones and 10 pages        *

Strange magic                          Very short OSR. Nice cover     **

Strange Trails                          Weird Adventure ideas   

Strike Force                             Future RPG d100 based. Distracting formatting borders too close to the text makes it hard to read. Done in wall of text format as well        **

Strip DnD                                 Cute name. Actually a micro 1 page version. Includes a 1 expansion in case you want a wizard in your game.                                    **

Super Repo                               NPCs get to be Super Heroes. You are repo men. Card resolution 4 pages. Extra star for unique concept but I'm not Gming it.  **

Swift Swords Underworld     Card game                         

Sword and Board                    Basic Fantasy supplement         

Swords and Magic                   See Hungarian RPG        

Sword and Shield                    Pocket mod rule set       *

Sword Lords                            Board game with some RPG and Miniature aspects            

Sword of Abandon                  Empire of the Petal Throne clone. Emulates lots improves little **
Swords and sorcery                 Fantasy supplement for Star Wars Saga Edition       

Swords and Storytellers        Card based RPG requires a deck of Storyteller cards.          

Swords and Wizardry             One of the OSR biggies strong support from frog god games. Close match to AD&D                                   ***

the System                               Universal RPG lots of rules lots of calculations       **


Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonsque  Labyrinth Lord campaign setting             

Tarnhlems Terrible Tome    House Rules for 0e and Swords and Wizardry          

Team Renegade                       Live action meta game, kinda like DMs rewards in Adventuters League                                                    
Tetsubo                                     Warhammer Fantasy Eastern Suplement      
Theorems and Thaumaturgy                                          Labyrinth Lord suplement             

ThowiGames Simple Roleplaying System d6 based. for a simple system it sure has a lot of charts and tables                     *
Tianxia                                      FATE eastern suplement           

Tibet                                          Lots of interesting information about Tibet. Apparently too much information as it is blocked by browser security (I blame the Chinese Government). My version only has rules for monks. d20 based resolution                  **

Tier                                            Point buy attributes. D20 resolution. Damage calculated not rolled. What the author finds of great importance and distinction for system I don't find the same. **

Timeless                                   Universal Roleplaying system dice pool mechanic  **

Torch and Sword                    0e rewrite with ascending amour class. Functional but nothing special                                                   ***

Torchbearer                             Burning Wheels attempt at OSR. Don't care for Burning Wheel.            **

Totems of the Dead                Savage Worlds Campaign setting         

Tranchons et Traquons         In French                          

Traveller Adventurer            Adaptation of Traveler to Fantasy games. Same flaws as the original     **

Treasure                                   Claims to be a board game, card game, desktop game and  tabletop roleplaying game. Lots of world building rules. Might be good for world design. Complex for table top play.                                           ***

Treasure Awaits                      Introductory Roleplaying game 2d6 resolution stats determined by class. A bit too introductory for me                                          **

Troll Babe                                d10 system. Mechanics very storytelling based        **

Tropes                                       d6 based. Zombie edition not real exciting   **

True20                                      d20 system spin-off        **

Two Worlds Tabletop Edition Table top version of Xbox game. Only three classes but lots of feats for customization. Spell card manna system a bit different from normal OSR  ***


Unchained Heros                    Many interesting ideas. Point buy (or by class) attributes d20 resolution with some dice pool. The real time action chart looks fiddly and has many of the balance problems found with action tick methods (you always must be fast in Champions because if you are slow the fight is over before you act). Provisional rating but more study is required         ***

Under the Moons of Zoon    Point buy attributes Only three attributes plus psionics.  2d6 resolution. Fond of the mass combat and weird science rules      ***

Underworld Kingdom            House rules or Suplement for unspecified game.     

Universalis                               Story based world building game        **

Until Dawn                              4 page story game           *

Untold                                       Card Based RPG don't have bespoke card deck so evaluation is not possible                                      

Unwritten                                FATE based Story game            **

USR                                           Micro game variable dice resolution  *


Vikings and Valkyries            Mazes and Minotaurs Supplement        

Village on the Hill                  Non violent story game of helpful spirits. D6 resolution. I would have liked a longer list of example encounters. Extra star for uniqueness.        ***

Void                                           Near future Sci Fi. Says its part of the Cthuthullu saga. However it appears to cover enough rules to run stand alone. Point buy attributes. D6 dice pool resolution. Only four classes but hundreds of options.                                     **


War of Ashes                           Miniatures Rules             

Warlock                                    Southern California DnD inspired game. High level of complexity lots of charts and tables. Mostly of historic interest.              **

Warrior Rogue Mage             Free light game. No classes Warrior Rogue and Mage are your attributes. D6 resolution system. Extra star for being clearly written.  ***

Warriors and Wizards           OGL GURPS style light game. Not for me.    **

Watch the World Die             Apocalypse generation world building (destroying?) game.          **

Wayfarers                                 Point buy for Attributes. No classes just disciplines and point buy. One of the better point buy systems. D20 resolution.            ***

Wayfarers song                       d10 dice pool. Characters built from 45 ability points         **

Weapons_of_the_Gods         Based on the Wuxia action comic of the same name. Mystical Kung Fu. Dice pool but includes a "river" of two pre-rolled dice. Some tricky dice adding mechanics mean even impossible tasks are sometimes accomplished. System seems well suited to the genre its emulating. Point buy abilities although some archetypes are given for guidance.       ****

Welcome Minions                  12 page card based story game.            *

Westward                                 Steampunk Western game. Additive dice pool. Boo!           **

Whats Old is New                   Universal System but different settings are in separate books. EN world  uber project. Mostly pretty good although I am unhappy with the dice pool mechanics at its core.    ***

White Star                                Swords and Wizardry Sci Fi conversion. Includes Robot and Star Knight (*cough*Jedi) classes as well as rules for spaceships. Pretty good.  ***

Wield                                         John Wick's (the other John Wick) game of sentient magic items. 2d6 resolution. A lot of story game. A little weird but innovative.         ***

Wild Talents                            Superhero Roleplay. Complex dice pool resolution **

Windhammer                           Pick a path Adventure. 2d6 resolution           **

Wizards and Warriors           Short 22 page RPG. Only two classes ability roll under resolution          **

Wolsung                                   Steam Pulp roleplay. D10 dice rolls    **

Wonder                                     Fantasy armies board game      

World of Darkness                 Core rules for that creepy vampire game. Most of the players I knew preferred the LARP version over the d6 dice pool version here.      **

World of Fire and Sand         Dark sun converted to a story game with cards. WTF?      *

World of Urtusk (under revision) Still waiting for the Author to finish this one. Draft version has a lot of great ideas.                            ***

World of Warcraft                  Very 3e with MMO spells added in. A bit thick.       ***

Worlds Apart                           2d6 each for eight attributes. 2d6 resolution as well. Random roll character generation including the chance to die while rolling up your character. Wasn't any good in Traveler, still isn't.                 **

Wyrd                                         1d4 or d6 to generate 11 attributes. Resolution via d6 dice pool trying to get 1s. I like many Forever people things but this is not one of them.       **


Yarcfin                                      OSR house rules              

Yggdrasill                                 Viking Roll playing. D10 dice pool but only two highest are kept and added together with any bonuses. 9 attributes purchased with point buy. Interesting rules for rune and trance magic.                           ***


ZeFRS                                       Attempt to create a generic fantasy version of Zeb Cooks Conan RPG.  No attributes. No classes. Point buy of starting talents. Chart based resolution via d100. Like the character build system. Resolution chart is fiddley.   **

Zenobia                                     A game set in the ancient kingdoms of the near east. Five attributes two determined by 1d6 one determined by 2d6 and two set to 1. Skills via past profession. Resolution via 2d6. Not bad but not great either.                                  **

Zounds                                      Character creation via template and point buy. Variable dice size resolution. Includes both powers and shtick. Overly complex for what its trying to do.            **

Zweihander                              Re creation of WFRP. D100 resolution. Seven attributes generated by rolling 3d10 to yield a starting percentage. Skills by profession. Starting professions rolled from broad classes. I am a bit annoyed that after paying full price for this on the kickstarter they kept putting it on sale a drivethrurpg. However, it does a nice job of what it set out to accomplish.           ***

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