Sunday, May 15, 2016

Darkest Hack part 4

The final two classes for my Old School Hack version of Darkest Dungeon (unless they have sneaked another one in during the last month or two)

Nervous Stab: Melee attack but based on dex

Festering Vapors: Ranged burst 1 save versus con or blight

Flash powder: Ranged attack target must dex save or be blinded for the next round

Get Down: gives disadvantage to the next attack

Fortifying Vapors: Heal 1d4

Invigorating Vapors: +3 AC for next attack

Protect me: forces opponent to target adjacent ally. Ally has advantage against the attack.

Transform: Change to beast mode (like druids in D&D)

Manacles: Reach 3 melee 1d4 damage, but con save or stunned

Beast Bile: Ranged attack Con save or Poisoned

Absolution: Heal self 1d4

Rake: Beast Mode only melee attack two targets damage 1d6 per hit

Rage: Beast Mode only Melee attack 1d12 critical hit on 19-20

Slam: Beast Mode only Opponent makes Strength check. If failed target is knocked back and you enter the square he was in.

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