Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old School Dungeon Level 3 the river

Level 3 the River. I refer to it as the river because the big river is the largest feature on the map. Notice how ever that there are very few places on the map where adventures can actually see the map. Key features of this map are (1) the staircase which appears to go up but actually goes down (2) The bridge with an inivisable section (3) The rotating dungeon section with a staircase: positioned in one of four positions when the party enters it is rotated to another position randomly and (8) a secret chamber only enterable by an under water passage.

This level highlight one of the interesting features of old school dungeoneering. Since the play pogressed by drawing maps on graph paper, DMs would often through things in to make mapping hard, hence the rotating dungeons sections and slanted rooms. Being a fledging rocket sciencist not only did I solve my friends rotating dungeon section but took mine up a notch by putting a staircase in it.Note that because the slanted rooms where done with glue this map is a bit yellower than the others.


  1. I am maniacally fascinated by your maps, sir.

    I've downloaded this one, too. No idea how I'll use it or if I'll ever use it. I just have to have it. If you had a PDF for sale filled with maps like these, I'd buy it.

  2. I actually like the torn, sepia look of it, it gives the map a bit of character.

  3. I love the actual cut-and-paste work involved in making some sections "out of square".

    Nice way to break free from the grid, without actually getting rid of it!


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