Sunday, October 27, 2013

Con of the Cob post-mortem

Had a great deal of fun at Con-on-the-Cob, even though She-who-must-be-obeyed became ill and missed the whole thing. Did meet Tim Shorts who gave me copies of his 'zine the Manor. Awesome 'zine, the folded 8" x 11" sheets stapled in the middle brought back memories. It seems to follow a one full dungeon, one setting concept format, with short new monsters, new spells, new magic items articles sprinkled in. He also had a couple 4"x 5.5" booklets which were just one dungeon. Played Dementalism with Andy Hopp on Thursday Night at the Drink and Draw. It kind of like the card game Concentration but with three cards for each match rather than two (two cards pair as normal, however if another player finds the third card and correctly guess which face down pair is a match, he can steal the pair from you). The card are decorated with the denizens of Andy's "Mutha Oith" and his usual zaniness for all sorts of special cards. I of course had to buy the game and sign up for the expansion pack kickstarter. You can sign up for the kickstarter too if you hurry.

Did a whirlwind tour of the dealers room with my son on Friday. He was more interested in the "Toys are Us" we visited on the way home, although he did get a couple of Star Trek action figures at the con. Picked through the used bins for more Mystara Gazetteers, but since it was mostly the same dealers as last spring's AnCon, I had already cleaned them out. One dealer had a good collection of print versions of the OSR small press rules. However, since I had .pdfs of the ones that interested me already and only limited space for dead tree editions (at least until I can talk She-who-must-be-obeyed into converting more of the living room into a library). My son did wait patiently while I sat in on a seminar on game design (I missed the RPG one, but the Board game one was interesting too).

Saturday was devoted totally to the fourthcore "Fane of the Heresiarch" (***Update*** new link found here). Although the adventure was a great deal of fun, and while its location in a private room near the con suite made it easier to hear the DM and concentrate, it did mean I missed my chance to stop by Digital Orc's Menagerie of the Ice Lord and say hi to my fellow bloggers (other than Tim Shorts, whom I have already mentioned). Was going to stop by at diner, but since we were running behind we only took a half hour (which is enough time to drive to the restaurant pick up diner to go and come back, DM packed a sandwich). When I got out of the game at 11 PM most of the gamers had packed things up already.

Didn't get a chance to go down Sunday. Filled my time with kickstarters instead. New ones include:

1. Legendary Games Pathfinder Books in Print (I only signed up for the .pdfs)
2. The Lost Lands: Sword of Air (Being a big fan of Bill Webb and Frog God games this was inevitable)
3. Adventures in the East Mark - Red Box (a bit of a risk, but worth a $30 bet for a boxed set)
4. Dementalism Expansion sets (See above, I am signed up to get all three expansions)


  1. It was good meeting you also. Wish we had more time to talk. So much going on and I was sick on top of it. Maybe next year.

  2. Breaking news, I have found a link for Fane of the Heseriach at
    (also found some blog post about the original fourthcore team moving on to "better" things in 2011. fourthcore death match still seems to be going strong).


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