Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blog of many things

Afraid lately I have been distracted by many shiny objects:

Playing Diablo 3. I really love the loot drop and having so many magic items I have to decide which ones to keep. Reminded me of the fine 3rd edition Diablo Diabere supplement magic item roll-up chart. Someone should make a 5e version of this. Already had some second edition rules for socketed items, but these need to be updated as well.

Playing Darkest Dungeon. Some interesting thoughts for random map generation (although I would use some geomorphic battle maps as well). Love all those character classes and their quirky moves. Working on an Old School Hack version for each of these.

Working on an Old School Hack/Skill based power system of my own.

Trying to talk the new Bard in our Tuesday 5e game to take at least some combat skills, instead of another skill baby my Cleric has to tank to protect.

Cataloging all the monster from All the Worlds Monsters and seeing how they stack up against the modern version in Pathfinder and 5e. There's a monster vs fighter combat spreadsheet on Deltas D&D hotspot I could use to check them all...

Grabbing random images for my pinerest page

Trying to skim through the 1000+ posts on my RPG feed

If I manage finish to any of these I'll be sure to post them here.

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  1. I like the idea of a stable of characters in Darkest Dungeon. A little like the funnel system in DCCRPG? It would be cool to add additional characters to your stable as you complete adventures, and you can take different characters out on an adventure based on what area or kind of monsters are expected. Plus, less attachment if someone dies, as you can always activate a different character from the roster.


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