Wednesday, March 12, 2014

GMs day sale *update*

Here's what  I bought at the GM's day sale

Marked down 30% until the 15th

Marked down to $5 until the 31st then the're gone

Pay what you want

Some good titles from some of my favorites including Avalon Adventures, Cubicle Seven, Kobold Press, and Purple Duck games. Was going to buy ORSIC adventuers from Expeditious Retreat , but they are still cheaper per adventure in the bundle ten packs, and she-must-be-obeyed recommended focusing my $100 budget on rules rather than adventures (I ignored that recommendation for Kobold Press). You too can get in on the savings but you have to hustle because the sale ends tomorrow (the 14th).**Update sale still on Saturday the 15th, Drivethru rpg account reports 1 day 1 hour 13 minutes at 8:47 AM Eastern Daylight time. Going to pick up some emperors choice Arduin eternal things and hunt for more ***

P.S. my biggest problem there is so much on sale its hard to sort through (unfortunately not the tile sets I am still missing from Skeleton Key games).                                                                  

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