Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mythweaver RPG

A rules light RPG from New Zealand at . Written to introduce the the authors friends to roleplaying its core mechanic is both simple and elegant. Everything is resolved by attribute roles. Need to disarm a trap make a Dex check, need to bluff somebody make a charisma check. Normally I am not fond of attribute checks (especially the old roll a d20 and get under your stat kind), but the mechanics for this are bit different you are rolling a d20 and adding a bonus based on your attribute to hit higher than a target number. Target number is based on difficulty (seven levels from easy at 5 to uncanny at 30).  There's a nice table that lists all the common things that adventurers often do and what kind of check they are. Reasonably straightforward so far, but here's the twist that makes it awesome, if the attribute is primary you get to add your level. What determines if the attribute is primary, why your character class of course! Fighters are good at strength things, Rogues at dexterity, etc. What struck me about the system (perhaps I'm just in a weird mode) is that it has given a mechanism for doing what what needs done while kicking to the curb all that talent, skill, feat, non-weapon proficiency crunch that grinds many modern systems to a halt, but still preserves unique roles for fighters, rouges etc. Magic is based on a spell point system Mages get charisma+1 spell points to start and an extra spell point every level. Spells cost 3 points per spell level (cantrips are only 1 point leaving one open to cantrip spam abuse but damage from these is only 1d3). No Clerics, healing spells are on the mage list. I did have a few things I didn't like, the most important one being if your longsword only does 1d8 giving platemail a damage absorption of 8 is going to make things tough. In general I found fixed damage adsorption a bad idea.One of the reasons I gave up on Runequest was that its damage adsorption both that most hits didn't count and that fight usually went to the first one lucky enough to roll a critical. I am working on a percentage damage reduction system, but since smooth implementation will require a chart it won't be rules light.  Lack of artwork didn't bother me since the pages are well laid out in a nice font. All in all Mythweaver is definitely one of the better rules systems I have run across, and since it is currently a free download the price is right. Definitely worth checking out.


  1. Thanks for reviewing my RPG imredave, I found this very helpful. After having beta-tested the system with my weekly group I agree that one of the problem areas is armor damage absorption. I like the mechanic and it works well with the gritty style of the game. However it does become fairly difficult to penetrate targets that are heavily clad.

    Your system sounds intriguing. II am open to considering alternatives. I would however like to keep the mechanic as simple as possible. One thing I am considering for the next revision is simply to lower the amount of armor absorption grated by each type (e.g. Lt armor grants 1-2 points of absorption, medium 3-4 points and heavy 4-5 points). I think that when combined with the "Penetrating Attack" attack action (-5 to attack to reduce the target's armor absorption by 1/2) this may help to ameliorate the problems with the mechanic.

  2. Hi again, just to let you know, I've changed the name of the Game to "Mythbinder" after learning that the term "Mythweaver" has apparently already been taken. Also, after reading your review, I decided to lower the damage reduction of armor slightly. It's still not perfect, but hopefully it will help somewhat. Oh, here's the new link:


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